I have deleted most of of my Friends from my profile picture front cause i think sadly they have gone, no longer using gaia rarely i hope the staff reads this cause it is so true even my friend raindireshadowwolf agrees that gaia is a DYING world! cry adventure has been lost especially Roll playing, its become a complicated game anymore you waste time creating an overly explained character profile and then the RP dies sadly to say i don't leave gaia only because of zora the fox is still using gaia cry so with out further words i leave this message and warning to say BE WEARY! gaia will be shut down i am sure of it i just have a feeling unless you can make roll playing easier and fun again it will sadly wither away and die. cry so lastly for a reminder the chacter profiles for most RP,s now in days are just too ridiculously long and overly complicated i hope people read this and think about it wisely! good day people of gaia good day and goodbye for now.