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"Where There Is Undying Attention, There Is Undying Love."

    Well hello there~!

    I'm N i m p h a d o x !
    MANY of you though know me as Nim / Nimmy .

    I am 23 years of age.. though I may not look like it.

    This Is Me ~

    Race you say? ASIAN!

    I like many many things; back then all I knew was nothing but the dark colors.
    But someone introduced me to the light side of the world sooooo~
    Now I like cute things as well! What kind of cute things? Lesse...

    Cupcakes, rainbows, animals, cute Avatars, chibi's etc..
    B U T . . . . that's not all that I like... >:C
    I also like the sexy avatars, dark colors, creepy things, horror as well~

    I L O V E going to Raves, I'm addicted to them, NO I DO NOT take Ecstasy; I don't need drugs to have fun when I got my friends and the beat of the music to set my stage.~

    What Music do I listen to? Anything really, I can go to Death Metal to Hardstyle to R&B To Hip Hop etc... in a HEARTBEAT~ I love all music, I'm a musician too. I sing, play the guitar and I compose music. Its so much fun, when I'm angry I usually pick up my guitar and just play my heart out.

    I love technically everything that I see, and would deem them cute; I get along with many many others, and it doesn't take really a lot to get on my good side, unless... UNLESS you push the right buttons.

    One thing I don't tolerate is stupid people or drama. Eww..

    IF you have a problem with me, say it to my face, least that way you have some respect and honor left.

    I can be quite hyper most of the time, and can be random, so if I creep you out.. Forgive me!


    One thing I really really like is ART and RPing, though I don't do a lot of RPing these days but, I do when I can. Art is art no matter the shape or form, so I'm willing to accept any that I can!! I am also a gamer. . . But aren't we all?

    The CURRENT Game I am addicted to is :

    A r c h e a g e

    Anywho if you wish to know more about me, just ask away~
    I promise you that I won't bite NYAH!

    OH OH! DO leave a comment on your way out!
    I LURRVVEEEE the Comments~


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