(Woah. Well I'm going into 10th grade this year. I wrote this when I was in 6th. Damn, I was retarded. Anyhow, I'm still too lazy to change anything, as I'm not an active person on this site. I only got back on to get caught up on the story, as I absolutely LOVE the art style. If you were wondering how inactive I am, my last message was in 2011, and I was even inactive THEN. ((Writing this as of July 5th, 2013)) I'm not sure how you found my profile, but uh. Read below only if you can handle the brain damage. It's that bad. Consider yourself warned.)

Hai pplz. If you havn't noticed yet, my favorite color is yellow 3nodding (Just kidding, its black razz ) Uhh... I'm a sarcastic person.. yadda yadda.. my friends think I'm funneh, (even when im serious emo )

First of all, I am NOT goth.. black just happens to be the only color I like to wear. Theres a difference.

I like vampires. The real kind, no offense to twilight fans. I also think werewolves are cool... the real kind. razz Harpies are cool, Dragons are cool, unicorns are gay, Centaurs, (me thinkz thats how you spell it) trolls, ect. are okaish. I do not study or obsess over these things, I just like them.
(My spelling sucks, too)

I think of myself as a semi-nerd person.. my brother got me playing World of Warcraft.. (thats the part you probably go, "Gasp, your a girl? LIES!" wink Yeah, well I am, kay? biggrin

And I'm new to Gaia. Hope I didn't manage to make any randemies. The talant of friend-making likes to avoid me. Play with my head. Or so i think it does confused Anyway.. Hai.. Bai.. thats a small taste of me.. yada yada.

Writing stuff at 1:38 AM ftw.

Now that Im awake I can tell you guys a bit more.
-I'm in orchestra, (remember kids, i suck at spelling biggrin ) I play the Viola. (Violas are bigger then violins people, get it right) I cant play the guitar but I'd love to learn. The best thing I can draw is a cat, and its not a very good cat :/.
I am in a sorta beginner band, and I play baritone (Lol Dx only girl baritone player)
I HATE shopping crying And I'm often told that I'm not a very girly girl. (wth does it mean to be "girly"?)
You've got to have a sense of humor to be my friend. (Life sucks without laughs)
A lot of people say I think and act like an adult. That is when im not being stupid for fun. razz ((Note from 10th grade me to 6th grade me: This line is very ironic now.))
I am indeed a blonde, but I'm in a ton of advanced classes, (Eat that, haters!)
My best friend is probably my Ipod touch. (Jay Kay, its Undeadwithlove)
I am the middle sibling, and share a room with my little step sister. (It still has my little ponies all over it /wrists
My older bro is a jerk, and that's all i'm gonna say about him.
My cat is probably the coolest person at this house. (He died August 9 2016. Rest in Peace Ziggy.)
My dog is a Labrador/chow and people often say he looks like a bear. (A very cute bear if I do say so myself) (He died in 2013.)
Cats. I love them. (Crazy cat lady, much?) But I love dogs too biggrin (Oh, never mind then)
I talk to myself. Sometimes even get in fights with myself. (Freak) >;o take that back! (Why should I?) Because it hurts! (Too bad!) Your mean D: (I know ^_^) *slap* ( surprised You did not just slap me!) Yus I di- "SHUT UP. biggrin "

So. Think you can handle it? biggrin go ahead and add me. If you don't PM me after a while though ill probably just delete you. :/ I don't like randoms who don't do anything.

Don't think you can handle it? Then why are you still reading?
In Soviet, Russia, these words read you.... No better wai to end an about me thing but with a bad Soviet Russia saying :3

btw yes i noticed i used biggrin in about every other sentence.

(See? I warned you, haha.)

(Another note from now 18 year old me: Please shoot me. I was 10 when I wrote this.)


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XxSupernatural_ShadowxX Report | 07/15/2013 10:18 am
Few months turned into 10 days haha.. Yea i havent been on ina while either shii.. lots changed ha.. but yea im juss on cuz im completely boreed with nun else to do.. prolly wont come in again after today. er mayb i will nvr know but yea.. well yea..
xXMidnightxxShadowsXx Report | 07/06/2011 5:51 pm
dramallama 4laugh <3 x3
raiderz10 Report | 01/11/2011 4:07 pm
hey, its been a while. wats up? smile
0Xx_Cookiemonster_Xx0 Report | 12/21/2010 8:30 pm
Oh guess what my mom and I went to the pet store the other day and this one old guy walked in and I don't know I think he was senile or something sooo he banged on the frount desk and demanded to see the maniger so she asked why and he complained about how he couldn't find any bateries for his watch and how he needed some advil and some soup and he just kelp on mumbling stuff he needed, It was sooooooo funny! he was yelling to >u< so then finally he randomly said soo you sell pets here! Lo0l it's a pet store for cyring out loud biggrin DDD I really wish you were there!!!! rofl
0Xx_Cookiemonster_Xx0 Report | 12/17/2010 8:03 pm
Lol, luke is whining SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! *MUST RESIST TO CUT WRIST* Lol jk, biggrin
Arn't I colorful 4laugh
Lol I just had 15 candy canes then 5 posicles!!!!! IM SOOOOO HYPER! biggrin
0Xx_Cookiemonster_Xx0 Report | 11/07/2010 3:50 pm
Yay it's almost your B-Day!!!!! Happy early B-Day! smile
DamnItsJake Report | 11/02/2010 1:10 am
lol its a joke xDD
CrazyWomen2591147 Report | 10/25/2010 9:13 am
haha ya i dont know what my interest are just yet I have got to it sorry sweatdrop xd biggrin
XxSupernatural_ShadowxX Report | 10/24/2010 4:34 pm
I'm on
XxSupernatural_ShadowxX Report | 10/21/2010 6:02 pm
Meet me at Clutch Server.


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