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I go by Zelia, Zellie or Vivi on here.~
I'm absolute weeb and handheld gamer trash. ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
I really like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and Castlevania. And honestly Nintendo games in general.
My profile and music changes way too often. Because aesthetic.
I'm a turbo nerd. I like to learn things, especially creepy s**t, mythology &, cultural customs.
I enjoy drawing and looking at art work. I'll be lurking in the art shops just to gander.
Been here since 07'. Roleplaying and whatever enjoyment I have in making avatars is why I'm still here I guess.

Let's get to know each other!
message. - comment. - befriend. - bloggy blog.

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The Raikura is my main squeeze. ❤
Zelia Darling
The Raikura

Art by my dear friend, ChaIIenge.