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Registered: 02/14/2007

Location: Puerto Rico

Birthday: 03/27

Games I'm into:

Perfect World International (Retired)
Puzzle Pirates (Retired - 2006-2013)
League of Legends (LAN)
World of Tanks (Sometimes)
Minecraft (On Request)
Guild Wars 2 (On Break)
Warframe (Barely)
Civ V (Sometimes)
AudioSurf 2
War Thunder
Blacklight Retribution
Garry's Mod

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I was a Forum Assistant since June 14th, 2013.
I became a Site Moderator on April 23rd, 2014.
I am currently on a break because of real life problems.

If you want to know what role does what in the moderation team, I recommend you visit "The Complete List of Gaia Staff".(It's updated occasionally, so don't expect 100% accuracy)

General Gaia/IRL Info:
Been on Gaia a long time.
I love jazz, classical, electronic, acoustic, hardcore & metal music.
Currently living in a tropical island called Puerto Rico.
I can speak both Spanish and English fluently.
I'm always team Aekea on events
On Halloween I'm always the evil side.
I exchange for profit in Gaia.
Currently studying Computer Science.
I'm a dude.
I'm a 20 year old.

I got my avatar featured in the week of December 3rd - 9th, 2012.


Q: I got hacked! what can I do?!?

A: Please fill out a hacking report. Please do keep in mind that there is no set time for when they'll get back to you. Please be patient!

Q: X user scammed me! ;w;

A: Well then, please file a scamming report! Please do keep in mind that there is no set time for when they'll get back to you. Please be patient!

Q: Someone's harassing me with more than 1 account! Help pls smilies/emo.gif

A: Please fill out a abuse & harassment report!Please do keep in mind that there is no set time for when they'll get back to you. Please be patient!

Q: Who made you this profile?

A: Elindranyth made the coding. The art is done by a very good friend of mine.

Q: How do you have so many items?!

A: I used to vend, but now I exchange/hoard items for profit.

Q: How can I become a mod?

A: Check out the following thread: The Moderation Application FAQ.

Q: Can I buy/have your itemz?

A: No.

Q: Can I add you?

A: If we've never talked before, chances are I wont. I only add people I've talked with before.

Q: My question isn't here!

A: Then you can send me a PM. My inbox is always open for questions.

Acceptance - So Contagious


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Mental Crazy Hinata Report | 08/20/2014 4:24 pm
Hello! How are you? I just wanted to say I love your avi and your profile! Have a nice day!
A r u r u Report | 07/25/2014 2:13 pm
I got a ps3 recently though.
Its a whole new world.
* ^*
A r u r u Report | 07/24/2014 6:33 pm
Been working a lot and dealing with stupid stuff.
A r u r u Report | 07/24/2014 6:22 pm
How be you?
; 3;
Druddigon Report | 07/24/2014 7:39 am
yesss,he even flies around in towns xD
Druddigon Report | 07/24/2014 5:43 am
A r u r u Report | 07/23/2014 7:24 pm
Throttle Kitty Report | 07/23/2014 8:55 am
^w^ ~<3
Junai Bokunenjin Report | 07/20/2014 8:12 pm
I shall.

You need to come up north so we can take you out on an Albertan Redneck Adventure.
Junai Bokunenjin Report | 07/20/2014 8:07 pm
Going out to Calling Lake on Tuesday night until Friday for some fishing/boating, too.



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Q: Mini Angel Wings

I like getting free art.
and doing free art.
I'm slowly getting addicted to tumblr.