Filthy Zed Main here. Obviously.
I probably don't want to play league with you, so don't ask.
I'm in cosplay a lot but i'm not really in character as zed,
Unless you ask me to be. In which case the answer is no.
I'm super friendly and i'll talk to you about a lot of things.
I guess you really just have to test my limitations on topics.
I'm not on this site much, so if you want to try to talk to me,
Send me a pm or take a chance and ask for my skype.
I don't particularly plan on making a lot of friends here,
but i'm never one to turn down a friendly conversation.
I'm often around towns with my room mate who also is on here.
I don't take kindly to drama of any kind, and I will voice so.
If you try to start drama with me or bring it anywhere near me,
It's highly likely you'll end up getting ignored or told to ******** off.
I'm a bit too old to deal with your high school drama bullshit,
I come here to relax, not to hear about your pitiful life.
Go to a therapist and cry to them if you have problems.
Because no one on the internet really cares about your feelings.
And i'm no exception to that. Keep that in mind when talking to me.
If you can do that, we should get along perfectly fine.
Stay thirsty, scrubs.

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