Hello! if your here its for one of two reason,

Reason one: Your wondering what's the wing item on my head is
Reason two: You know me and are profile commenting me
Reason three: You just want to comment
Reason four: My name has got you wondering
Reason five: Can she really not count?


1. The items is called Gimpi, its an evolving item found on the market place.
2. Hi!
4. Not from New Zealand sorry actually from the UK
5. I can't count!

Where Zea can be found:
Zea can be found bumming round the zOMG forum trying to either get them in a cake coma, drunk a mixture of the two. Also posts spam . Also found in zOMG.

Other stuff:
She 's female
She's 26 ( so old)
She's immature emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif
She's one of those " always look on the bright side" people

I'm looking for avatar art!smilies/icon_heart.gif
Questing avatar art Zealand with NPCS! smilies/icon_heart.gif
Anyone help will be amazing!

Current NPC list:

Here is some AWESOME art by some AMAZINGLY nice people, chances are if your wondering about who did any art in my signature then the answer will be found here!:

From the wonderful Cruel Bind sadly this user changed their name and I missed what it got changed to!

From the lovely StrawberryZ0mbie

Both from the really sweet Wavy Blue

The amazing jonjon21428

From a talented anonymous person! Thank you!

From wonderfully Rurosuni Seishi

The talented xXAzarielXx
of Mocha Frappucino made this ) hint this is a link!)

The happy go lucky Gay Crayon

Super Awesome Shinju_hashimfo
of Mocha Frappucino made this ) hint this is a link!)

Always colourful Zzyli!

Both from the sweet and happy happymeisme Happy Summer<-- the art shop

Been a Gimpi since the 23rd January 2009 show me some love! =^^=

Here is a list of what I've dressed my avatar like those with a * next to them went in the arena

Natasha from Skin Tyte on 18 July 2008 Spirit Week*
Thank you for the comments everyone.

Rufus from Barton Boutique on 21st July 2008

The Witch with Hansel and Gretel from 9 September 2008 until 22nd September - Won 3rd place, THANK YOU EVERYONE!

The Witch with Hansel and Gretel in Week 45.


Zealands Gaia Songs

If you’ve happened to come across this journal by chance then welcome in this pages are well know songs only twisted and moulded by an insane person mind into Gaia songs Credit goes to : [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/gaia-community-discu


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I will always be behind you

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Shinju Fortuna

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Shinju Fortuna

→ I've been stalking and lurking and bugging all my friends. You're a lucky girl Zea, you get to be stalked be meeee! biggrin
How are you?!

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Ermergerd Cherclert Cerk! emotion_awesome
Little Stormy Kitten

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Little Stormy Kitten

It's a mystery anime with weird magical s**t mixed in.
It's so neat.

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I see you seeing me watching you stalking me!

......What were we talking about? emotion_awesome

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Rainbow Filled Nights

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Rainbow Filled Nights

Hai Zea heart
Silk Kanishk

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Silk Kanishk

Well, I still have faith in humanity and that in the end, reason and compassion will prevail over dogma and bigotry. 3nodding

It's a blog about higher thinking. It's hard to describe it really. Basically topics about anything that isn't mundane. I haven't posted anything on it yet or I'd link you to it. sweatdrop

I've never seen you so busy before. In any case, I think it's a good thing. I hope you're having fun with whatever's keeping you busy. biggrin
Silk Kanishk

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Silk Kanishk

Hi Zea! biggrin I was doing some reading for a blog I'm starting and it's simply amazing how much hatred there is in the world towards one another. Actually makes me glad I'm on a virtual world like Gaia most of the time.

So how are you these days? biggrin


My Quests:
2113/20000 Blood Droplet
828/2000 Vampire Blood
355/750 Red Eye
1162/ 13,900 Shadow Orbs- lets get ALL rings to 12cl + 3 epics
4837/5000 Bloody Fabric <-- almost there!
646/1000 Werewolf Pelt

Sweetheart Ring! I will get you!
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