Probably people wondering who i am cuz I stalk their profile

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I'm conceited. Look.

Sigh. .

I've written this thing over and over, never knowing what I ever really wanna say. I just roll with my thoughts as I type and it just comes out awkwardly.

Then I realized that nobody will ever read this unless they care about who I even am.

So if you care, good for you. But the most you'll get by reading this is:

Name: Tyler, Zawm, Ty, or Hideki.

Games I play: League of Legends, TERA, Dragon Nest, and Strife.

Birthday: September 20th

Do I have time to talk?: Msg me and find out. I actually really like talking to people on Gaia. you guys are really nice and entertaining.

Things I like to do: Play games, watch anime, talk to people randomly, and do my best to keep myself occupied.

That's all I feel like typing right now.

In the meantime, have fun imagining me listening to a song that actually matches this emoticon: smilies/dramallama.gif

Seeya, Gaia

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