Probably people wondering who i am cuz I stalk their profile

I'm conceited. Look.

I go by the name of Zawm, since that's what people decide to call me.

If you're gonna look for me and kidnap me, you're gonna have to get through a crowd of people... and you're gonna have to offer me sushi, or I'll simply stab you and move on.

I've recently turned 18 and hard to believe, I'm still in the body of a 6th Grader and I'm still around 85 pounds. I haven't weighed myself in a while, honestly.

My favorite things to do is play competitive games or even games that requires teamwork such as the Monster Hunter series. Still can't get over that game...smilies/icon_stare.gif
I like to talk about random subjects. So yeah, philosophy(if that's how you spell it) is a subject I'm really looking forward to take in college. I actually hate to go to the beach for only a day. If we're going to the beach, we better be camping or else you're going without me.

I collect blades, in general. Basically blades that I find interesting or that I basically want to have. For my 18th birthday, my friend gave me his Cane Sword. You screw it off and inside, there's like a foot long blade and you can screw off the very top to find yet another 5 inch blade.

Just My Usual 'Catchy' Music

Princely Type