Probably people wondering who i am cuz I stalk their profile

MakoLauraMatoi on 08/26/2015

I'm conceited. Look.

Yo, people that actually check out my profile!

I guess I'll just say that I'm a typical hardstyle freak show.
I listen to lots of Electro, House, and basically a lot of Techno. What you're listening to right now is a song I really enjoy listening to when I'm >GAMING<.

Yeah, I also spend an overwhelming amounts of time playing video games. Most of it is from a game that everyone plays, League of Legends!
But seriously, I play a lot more games than just that broken excuse for a balanced game -__-

Anyway, I'ma get back to my music.
If you wanna add me on League, name's ZawmBuhFyed.
I'll seeya on the rift!

Just My Usual 'Catchy' Music

Princely Type