•You find a crumpled letter on his person•

To my little one,

xI opened my heart to you the moment I created you. You were a surprising 100 pounds worth of entity that I had come to love. And you would grow-- MY YOU WOULD GROW, but your innocent heart...if there is one within you... stayed the same. You knew not of evil or trepidation. You were my pure one. Were.

xWhen you read this, I hope you would find this on my person. I would have left this world. Yes, my little one I am sleeping. A well-deserved sleep. Do you remember staying up late with me and █████? Well I can finally sleep-- And I must sadly say, you cannot join me. This is goodbye. This is THE goodbye I hoped you never would see. A part of me wished you could sleep here where cherubs and minstrels lay, but you have work to do. You must learn. Yes, even from the books I forbade you from. You have my permission.

xIt is time for you to know every truth and every lie. To learn as humans would. I wish those experiences for you to have. It is your freedom, little one.

xI cannot answer your inquiries anymore. Now it is time for you to find the answers you seek. I am sorry you had to learn that all is temporary in this way. I wish you heal quickly.

xFind the answers to the questions that plague you most. Then? You would have done something I did not, and I will be proud of you.

xxxAll of my love,


Interested? Read on! (Don't mind the grammatical errors.)

Deathmatches?: Nah.
Family RP?: Nah.
In Character percentage: 80-90%.
This info not good enough? Ask me more via PM or while in Towns! Z-Dog (Oh boy, here come the nicknames) is a Work in progress though, so I can't promise I have all the answers. I'll see what I can do! He's semi-era locked; his phrasing is a little on the confusing side, but he knows some instances of "slang"-- kinda.. you'll see what I mean. Also! He's not region locked. He travels.
I wanna date it!: ******** you, I don't care.

Name: Za'qcuri (Sah-eek, qoor-ee. Also accepts Zachary.)
Age: 313.
Sex: XX.
Height: 7'4"2"'.
Weight: 208.10 LBS.
Race: [Primary]: Homunculus.
Orientation: Asexual, Biromantic.
Skin color: Thistle
Eye color: Purple.

Extra Appearance Notes
Za'qcuri towers over most of his compatriots. Some who can look past his disfigurements deem his facial structure bishonen like-- almost to the point of androgyny. He has been mistaken for a very strong woman in the past, to which he feels an obligation to expose himself as proof of his biological parts. #lessnot. He is of a stocky build and considerably muscular around the arms and legs. Midsection is usually not shown as that is where most of his scars lay, as well as his symbol of completion as he calls it. A circle that keeps his body in tact.

Markings: Za'qcuri has marks of self-harm riddled across his body. Some are faded. Some are very fresh. His skin also suffers from whippings and other forms of punishment. These are off-black when completely healed and are a glowing color when in the process of healing.