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Occupation: Dr. Dovski's girlfriend



Welcome one and all! You can call me Mary. But I also go by Ivy or Zaphyrah =]. I'm a 21 year young girl that just LOVES to chat. I'm very kind and funny to many people. The only times I get really mad and mean is when people start acting all bitchy towards me. I usually don't act mean when I meet someone new. So make sure you don't get on my wrong side ^_^

A little bit about me, huh? Well, I am an absolute horse addict. I've been riding for 14 years now, won several jumping competitions, and am aiming to one day own my own ranch. I am highly ambitious and LOVE money. To those who say money doesn't bring happiness, I'll accept your savings! I also like video games, such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Sims, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and many more. Love reading as well ^^ Fiction novels mostly, if they involve magic, dragons, and a good looking male protagonist, even better! Well, anything else you feel like knowing about me, feel free to ask :3

I'm not the kind of person who likes random Friend Requests. Please, make sure I know you before ya send me one. Random comments and PMs are welcome though =] But please make sure there is a reason for me to reply it. And do not send me any chain mail or any kind of that crap. Danke n_o

WARNING: If you are on my friends list and you do not keep in touch, you WILL be removed.

ATTENTION: Do NOT ask for money, items, or to be friends if I don't know you. You will be ignored for begging, and so will your friend requests. Thank you =]

I am...: in love

About Me:
Name- Mary, Ivy, Zaphyrah
Age- 21
Bday- Jan 6th (presents are accepted =D)
Hair- longish, dirty blond
Eyes- vary between green, grey, and blue
Height- tall
Body- slim
Status- taken smilies/icon_heart.gif
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Mandy (Dr Dovski), I don't know what would be of me without you. You are most definetly the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me. I don't even know WHAT to write here, cause you already know that I can't even express my love for you in person. But, overall, I love you.

My art collection! <3

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By: Shadowviper0
Description: Art of Dr Dovski and I <3

Description: Art of Dr Dovski and I <3

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By: The Notorious Pastel Pig
Description: Art of me in my ball gown

By: Kirsty-Naude
Description: Chibi Dovski and I

By: Tsuwabuki
Description: Chibi me smilies/icon_whee.gif

By: dolphins are my life
Description: Animated Dovski and I smilies/icon_biggrin.gif


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Project Jaku Report | 09/01/2014 9:25 pm
Project Jaku
Thanks, I always thought me and Axel to be relate-ble to some degree, lol.
Pantalanium Report | 08/19/2014 4:15 pm
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          Well good luck with it!

User Image
Pantalanium Report | 08/19/2014 4:07 pm
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          Thanks for buying ^-^
          Your avatar is adorable!

User Image
Sweet Night Mother Report | 08/14/2014 6:53 pm
Sweet Night Mother
Ohohoho yes, Skyrim =3=
Project Jaku Report | 08/08/2014 10:06 am
Project Jaku
Well, it's definitely going to be something, lol.
I always thought that college tuition, and mandatory core scheduling was too taxing for someone like me.

So I'm fixing to join to get the interests I want directly while obtaining skills I can use for a lifetime.
It sounds like a package deal! But the strings'll be coming to ensnare me soon, I bet, lol.
Project Jaku Report | 08/08/2014 9:26 am
Project Jaku
Nah.. nah... nah.. It's my stone to carry.
At least until she talks anyway.
Other than that, I guess you could say I have girlfriend troubles..? Haha, then the feeling's mutual.

I'm enjoying this little bit of summer before I start getting ready for military training in October.
Project Jaku Report | 08/08/2014 9:14 am
Project Jaku
Alright I guess... you?
Dearlys Report | 07/10/2014 11:18 pm
hey how's life treating you? c: hope you're alright biggrin !
Mr Kaleo Report | 06/11/2014 2:21 pm
Mr Kaleo
because I like money. o_ o;
Dearlys Report | 06/10/2014 6:32 pm
hehe thanks c:!, and d'awwww D: .. yeah that''s worth alot :c could pretty much get some decent wings D; </3 hope you had an amazing day today c: