Hello -

W e l o s on 10/09/2015

Basic Stuff:
Name - Alexis A.

Age - 19

Birthday - May 15

Favorite Colors - Blue

Generally I'm a nice guy.
The only game that interests me right now is Super Smash Bros.


Tournaments entered: 5

17th at Aftershock ( March 28-29 ) TX National - 100+ entrants
9th at DBA 4 ( May 16 ) TX Regional - 90 entrants
13th at Shockwave 34 ( June 18 ) TX DFW Weekly - 86 entrants
13th at Shockwave 43 ( August 19 ) TX DFW Weekly - 65 entrants
3rd at Casual Encounters 4 ( August 21 ) TX Arlington biweekly - 15 entrants
3rd at Casual Encounters 5 ( September 4 ) TX Arlington biweekly - 10 entrants


Wii U NNID: Zanryo
3DS Fc: 3711 - 8361 - 4706

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jtjy Report | 09/16/2015 7:53 am
i'll trade you both mini wings if you want to trade your sd plus custom doll for 7 of my rubyback lion mask
PattyArd Report | 09/11/2015 11:39 pm
TY 4 buying FMS heart
Jolly j_bird Report | 09/08/2015 4:43 pm
Jolly j_bird
Thanks for stopping by my store! I hope you enjoy your purchase and have a wonderful day! biggrin
Imma_Twin Report | 09/03/2015 8:25 pm
yum_puddi Thanks for buying! yum_puddi
Bellatrix Briar Artemis Report | 08/27/2015 9:19 pm
Bellatrix Briar Artemis
Thank you for your purchase, yum_puddi , and who ever posted Gay Boi as a last comment is a idiot, I think people are awesome no matter what, yum_cupcake
enjoy your purchase, yum_strawberry
Generation Prince Report | 08/18/2015 8:53 pm
Generation Prince
Gay boi
Sakura Honey Dew Report | 02/05/2015 9:07 pm
Sakura Honey Dew
You have no idea.
Some good things have come of it though.
I have money of my own now lol
Sakura Honey Dew Report | 01/30/2015 12:18 pm
Sakura Honey Dew
Oh nothing. Just grown up stuff. I am 23 now after all lol
Sakura Honey Dew Report | 01/18/2015 11:23 am
Sakura Honey Dew
Aly is back!? Yaaaay
Sakura Honey Dew Report | 01/17/2015 11:08 am
Sakura Honey Dew
Yes! You do remmember me lol It has been a long time. Life has caught up with me but Im back now biggrin


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