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yummy_smilies/icon_burger.gif I'm Zandy (formerly "Zandykins" from Dec. 13, 2009 - Oct. 23, 2014).
yummy_smilies/icon_cupcake.gif I'm male
yummy_smilies/icon_donut.gif I'm 19 years old.
yummy_smilies/icon_hotdog.gif I live in Canada.
yummy_smilies/icon_onigiri.gif I'm a second year university student.
yummy_smilies/icon_pie.gif I play piano.
yummy_smilies/icon_pizza.gif I'm stubborn, arrogant, kind, earnest and bossy.
yummy_smilies/icon_strawberry.gif I love Rei.
yummy_smilies/icon_tea.gif I frequent the Site Feedback forum most.
yummy_smilies/icon_pumpkinpie.png If you want to talk to me, shoot me a PM.

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ERVASA Report | 06/24/2015 4:38 pm
your avatar is outstanding

Metropol Rubbish Report | 06/15/2015 6:46 pm
Metropol Rubbish
That's incredibly flattering! I may have to give it a shot.
Metropol Rubbish Report | 06/15/2015 5:34 pm
Metropol Rubbish
Thank you! Oh wow, I've never entered anything there before--I'll have to think about it *o*

Haha! I'm just so tired of getting the same ones. At least the one I have now is just a normal phrase, not asking me if I've taken any business trips rolleyes
Metropol Rubbish Report | 06/15/2015 12:27 pm
Metropol Rubbish
Yeah it seems like the majority of brown and cream items are pretty much geared toward girly :< But they're at least pretty common colors, so you can sometimes scrounge something up!

Do you get the question ones? Mine are always about business or trips :/
Metropol Rubbish Report | 06/14/2015 12:01 pm
Metropol Rubbish
You're quite welcome c: When I saw yours, I had to say something!
Wha?! Oh my goodness, thank you. I'm really flattered ;n;

This damn captcha thing has asked me the same question for about a month. I'm still not a member of a hotel rewards program, okay?
Metropol Rubbish Report | 06/14/2015 11:51 am
Metropol Rubbish
Your avatar is great--the color scheme is cool and you really pulled it off!
BoozeClues Report | 04/27/2015 5:45 pm
cool avi
Juna Fay Report | 04/21/2015 9:30 pm
Juna Fay
Thanks for buying. ^^
Rei Parfait Report | 04/07/2015 5:20 am
Rei Parfait
Hi ;o;

I couldnt sleep last night :c
So I stayed up listening to podcasts, i dont know if i'll be up when you get home D:
i'll try emotion_kirakira

koolknight Report | 03/11/2015 7:34 am
haha i bet! biggrin

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