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User ImageI've always thought that one day, you would sprout wings, and fly off somewhere without me...


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Welcome to my profile.
gaia_nitemareleft ---------- gaia_nitemareright
So, Ye. About me.
Well I love anime. XD
I'm 19 Years of age and is a female.
Birthday is the 29th of august.
I joined GaiaOnline in May of 2009.
A few things about me here:

◄ Drawing/drawing my own characters.
(Its my life)

◄Writing descriptive stories and writing poems.

◄ My imagination is all over the place.

◄ I like meeting new people.

◄ I'm into Rock, Metal, Heavy metal, instrumental, Celtic music.
(Not really into Rap, and country though.)

◄ I love playing Video Games!!
(Sonic, Kingdom hearts, Okami, Final fantasy, Spyro, ect.)

◄ I'm obsessed with Wings, elf ears, Dragons and most defiantly SWORDS.

◄ I hope to travel to England one day. or anywhere actually.

◄ I'm always wearing a hoodie.. where i'm from, doesn't get really warm.

◄ I like cheese. xD

◄ I think Huskies are the most adorable and beautiful dogs out there.
(I want one of my own. <33)

◄ I love the sound of Thunder and rain.

◄ I have A.D.D. I get easily distracted and don't pay attention at times;33

◄ I like dark and cute things.

◄ I dislike the color pink, just not a big fan of that color. e-e

◄ Melting things with fire is always fun. :33

◄ Night owl.

gaia_nitemareleft ---------- gaia_nitemareright

Well.. If you want to get to know me more..
I don't bite and i wont scratch. :33

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