Hi, I am Zack... And welcome to my profile! Here are some random facts about me... : )

- I am 18 years young

- I am a male

- Gay

- Love Anime<3

- I am about that cosplay and con life.

- Florida

- I draw

- neon orange is my favorite color

- I love random comments

-I will not accept random friend requests

My face! O:


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Report | 07/28/2013 7:43 pm


Hey you,

The Naruto photoshoot was fun and the Trap panel was awesome smile
I was Kushina with Minato on Friday and Hokage Naruto with Minato on Saturday and Sunday. I have your pic a couple of times, let me know if you want it!

Report | 01/10/2013 1:51 am


ohaaaaii real-life brennivin,
sarreh for the random comment ;D

Report | 12/16/2011 1:32 pm


What items did you use for the itachi avi
xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

Report | 11/20/2011 11:42 am

xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

no wait i actually havea good shirt i can use!
i just need the hat, backpack and a blonde wig.
xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

Report | 11/20/2011 11:39 am

xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

i know!
omg that's so cute. >w<
i almost have everything for a fiona costume without ever trying.
i just need a hooide, bunny hat, a green back pack and blond hair. but i do havea bad a** sword i could use! biggrin
xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

Report | 11/19/2011 4:05 pm

xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

man if they do another gender bend episode i wonder what LSP would sound like as a boy.
and what would MArshal Lee sound like .dear god i'm in love with him! he's so cute! >w<
sorry if i'm fangirlin' here. can't help myself. lol
oh and i want the shirt that has cake on it that says CAPTNIP! SWEET BABIES!! XD
xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

Report | 11/19/2011 10:25 am

xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

My friend Krystal can do a great LSP impression and when my mouth was swollen i sounded just like her. XD
xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

Report | 11/19/2011 6:20 am

xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

that wasn't the freakiest part
see i have a twin sister and she went first. i could literally feel her surgery in my mouth. if i completely space out and leave my mind open i can feel her pain. or almost share her thoughts with her.. damn i'm psychic! XD
off topic i found these! >w<
i want the penguin one! XD
xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

Report | 11/16/2011 4:41 pm

xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

yep biggrin
i'm grabbing for other gifts not. damn it was really cheap!
yeah they drugged me up too. and i'm still drugged up. it still hurts but at least the swelling when down.
i had no idea i was knocked out i was up one moment and thesecond i wake up they said i was out for two hours!
my doctor told me to have ice cream for dinner today! no joke! and that was the best part.
xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

Report | 11/15/2011 2:38 pm

xX Hana_ Inuzuka Xx

i lav you too babe biggrin
arto i'm scared i'm getting my wisedom teeth pulled out otmorrow! all four of them! it's gonna hurt like hell.


My DEIDARA cosplay! <3

Art is a BANG, hmm.