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Total Value: 652,950 Gold
After Exclusions: 652,500 Gold
[Item Information]

Needed Item List:
Dark Matter Galaxy
Petit Cherie

I'm not on here enough to want to tell you about me. But i am bored enough so here we go!!
My name is Hannah, i don't go by much other names but my nick name for a while has been Z.Temple.
july 31st is my day o birth so you know and '92 was my year.

I live in the city that's the equivalence of a s**t stain on a 20$ bill, Malibu California. No i am not a rich b***h, fact we're super poor.
Art is my go-to and my skill. i'm pretty bipolar and ADHD so any conversations made are always a little weird on my end. i speak word vomit that can leave bad tastes on your pallet. Marijuana has been a cute thing in my life. so have other substance but i try to turn my nose, most the time.
but i come off as a freak.
i have not two, not three, but ONE friend in the city i live in biggrin
i work at a pet SUPPLY store which is nice, small, mom and pop shop owned.

i like new and sporadic things, if i had a car i would drive out to downtown LA and cause chaos on the streets until the rays of light from the sun burn my corneas. you have a car? you're willing to pick up a stranger? you're willing to make chaos and drop it like it was a fat steamy log of flaming s**t?!
i'm your girl
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<<[*- I'm what you may call, 'a cynical a*****e'. -*]>>