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oi habibi, drink soymilk with me
name's Rae, im 69 and im asian
i live in sydney, australia
I love the Weeknd and majestic s**t
I'm often very tired & is bad with messages

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4 my beloved friends hehe emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif

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Kippy is my wifey and im her really handsome husband so back off cunts
Amy you sexy son of a mother duck (;
Yuki/Hammie is a cute little hamster that rules all da kfc buckets in da cucumber n****e hairs c:
Clifford the big red sausage dog
Danny used to never let children go near his DECK, it was too dangerous for cunts to play on
Pat is the godzilla n****e deity under the command of the lord ochinchin NYESSSSSSSSSS
Marry da ******** BASED GODDDDDDD ;D;DDD;D;DD;
she is also mah very beautiful mama and i love her so fukin much ok alnfakflnal <3<3<3
Linshon Rob gon bottle dat a** so shut the ******** up and give up the sass
Tira is da queen of da flowerfields in da heavenly sky with no n****e mmmmmmmm c;
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Eddie is a tired goat lol jk im sorry pls /burrrp
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Key has the bigger n****e than the tuna sauce toe nails shittle fart face yeah k
Kris can twerk on a tree with only one toe, isn't that amazing !???
ah yes pls let me sprinkle a sock into the pho with some eggrolls on top. 我是一个鸡
Nino is a sik c**t, sassiest ******** ive ever met in my entire life
UIgly Rob is my little scarlet scarlet
Amy Chan has a bigger bbc than me