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Gender: Male

Birthday: 08/02

.. The name is Jun, I'm a FILIPINO, I'm a Lazy person ... so please don't expect allot from me, I stare at, or you could say observe people allot, I'm kind, I can be interesting sometimes(in a weird mannered way), I'm a fellow OTAKU so.. don't be afraid to talk to me about anime, maybe we can both relate in our own certain way, I don't know what's going on inside my head so don't ask, I am also a COOKIE addict, so give me COOKIES!, aand I am also a GAMER, I like to play online games especially the 3rd person RPG games, I also like to read MANGA, it's one of my hobbies, I watch ANIME allot, I eat and sleep allot but heck ! enough about me if you want to know me more don't be afraid to PM me, I won't bite ... I swear .. (crosses fingers), anyways that's all i can tell you for now . .
yummy_smilies/icon_puddi.gifP.S. I accept donations please help me with my "DREAM AVI"



Introduction: Hello welcome to my profile it's not that much, I didn't have that much time to do anything about it, I love everything FLUFFY * O* they will rule the world !!! !!!!

Message to my friends: I won't be online for a while
for some reasons, I'll be back from time to time T ^T
for now goodbye ... in a small while ... You guys are
awesome I'm happy I got to know you people in game..
thanks I'll be back from time to time ..