hi im kyndrith & im 19
they/them pronouns if you don't know me, she/her if we're friends (but please dont refer to me as a woman it makes me Uncomfortable)

i've been playing gaia for a long time. my favorite color schemes are ghastly, melty and checkmate. you'll usually see my avatars in the Alruna's Rose skin color.

i enjoy idolm@ster and vocaloid, those are my two biggest interests. the only idolm@ster franchise im not that fond of is million live, but that's because i've never been able to play it because i'm dumber than a bag of rocks. if you can't tell, SideM is my favorite. i've been playing it for 3 years.

i also play world of warcraft and some other video games, but at my core i am j-music loving trash.

if you want to talk to me, just smash that ******** comment button, fam.