Hello hello ~
Welcome to my profile. :]

My name's Grace, but feel free to stick with Yuuna or Kiri. There are other names, but most just address me by those.
I am Chinese-Canadian, so, Ni hao! =D
Don't be fooled though, my Chinese is actually quite poor. xD;

I've had this account for some years already. I have never quit, but do have a tendency to disappear from time to time. Unfortunately, it's not unusual for my hiatuses to take up several months. However, I also have times where I am just on this site 24/7.... It's part of my hermit phase. //cough >o>;

Those hermit periods will likely shorten and fade with the years though.
Reason being is that I am currently a nursing student..well, officially starting in September 2014. ^^v

My interests lie in both science and art, though I do not excel in either by any means. I enjoy music of almost all genres, however majority of it would be kpop or just whatever songs in English you hear on the radio.
I used to be obsessed with anime, manga, roleplays, cosplays, etc. Now, I just read a bit of manga every now and then.

Feel free with leave a comment, start a conversation, or even throw pie at me if you want. I'll just eat it. Yum~ Digital dessert~ ;D


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Kaleidoscope Memories

All those entries from 09 and before...just ignore those.... e n e; Didn't realize how often I used to spam in my journal.



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Report | 08/23/2014 9:08 am


Ha, it's so funny how the world completely revolves around money now. Movies, food, luxuries, accessories, clothing, internet, essential living needs.
So expensive. My wallet hurts.
Aaah, now summer's almost over! gonk Hopefully the fall will have some good movies~

Report | 08/14/2014 6:11 pm


I feel ya! I don't want the summer to end yet! It feels like it just started!
It always weirds me out how much I appreciate summer after I realize I don't have to work or get stressed out.

Ahh, okay. I thought that 21 Jump St. was connected to 22 Jump St., but I guess not.
So you just thought that The Shining was alright? Haha! I wouldn't expect a high school teacher to bring that up in conversation.

Ahhh, you've been seeing all of the good movies! I'm jealous!
Cool, I've Heard that Planet of the Apes was good, and Guardians of the Galaxy as well. This summer has been booming with so many high budget movies!

The anime convention was alright. The first two days were pretty rough because the convention was having technical difficulties which threw everything out of whack. Otherwise it was pretty nice, I got to meet up with friends I hadn't seen for a while. I will admit that I spent more money than I was expecting to and now I won't be buying anything for a very long time, haha!

Report | 08/12/2014 8:47 am


Oh, I getcha. I bet your classes swallow up of your time so there's no time for movie watching.
22 Jump Street was good? That's nice! Wasn't there at 21 Jump Street a few years ago?
Yeah, this year hasn't really had many horror movies so far. Weird.
So the oldest horror movie you've seen is The Shining? Did you enjoy it when you saw it?

And now you've seen Lucy and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? How were they? Lucy looked really interesting and the CGI of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was really nice looking, at least from previews. xd

Thank you~

Report | 08/03/2014 6:59 am


Ahh okay. Just wondering if you had heard of them~

Wow! You don't have a favorite movie?
It's actually cool that you don't watch a whole lot of movies, your mind hasn't been tainted or consumed by movies! Haha!
Do you mostly like to watch new movies in theatres?
We have similar tastes in terms of genres! Horror, action, and comedies are the best! Though I will admit to not liking a large portion of the current horror, action, and comedies, haha.
My favorite movie is Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks.

Report | 08/01/2014 8:29 am


Hahaha! What a coincidence! Cheekbone power!!!
Yes, definitely a good movie~
Haha! Do you know much about Monty Python?
Movies are so fun! By the way, what's your favorite movie?

Report | 07/29/2014 5:53 pm


Heh heh heh, nerdiness~! * u *

Hahaha! That was my thought too! Those cheekbones were so prominent, she probably could've impaled someone on them!
I enjoyed it more than I expected. That ending was pretty intense!
Uh, I haven't seen any other movies recently, unless the Monty Python final reunion show in theaters counts~

Oh, so the fireworks were amazing! That's nice to know, because there's nothing more unfortunate than unsatisfying fireworks, haha!
At the expense of your butt, you got a nice view, sounds like a win!

Report | 07/26/2014 8:24 am


Haha, your first thought was correct, actually. I'm such a nerd, haha!

Ahhh, sound super relaxing~ Oh, you saw Maleficent too? What did you think of it?

Wow, cool! Three different dates for three different country representatives setting off fireworks at the beach sounds lovely!
Tell me how the ones today go! biggrin

Report | 07/24/2014 5:27 pm


Wow, I had no idea that a nursing program could be so different from a standard college's.
But you've been filling up your time very wisely! A full time job and volunteer work must be demanding, but rewarding at the same time!!
You've definitely earned your little bit of time for relaxation before the fall semester!

I've traveled to Las Vegas to visit family, but that's all I've done so far. I plan to attend a convention next month, so that's something fun to look forward to.
What about you? Planning on some fun and relaxing activities for summer?

Report | 07/20/2014 5:34 pm


I will indeed eat lots of fruits and veggies!
Ohh, good luck not getting sick! I was in a movie theatre earlier and heard a bunch of people sneezing and coughing, there must be a wave of something going around. And yeah, summer heat is a killer, especially when sick.
Phew, luckily I have summer off. I don't understand how people push through a second semester and then do summer classes!!!
What about you? Do you have the summer off?

Report | 07/19/2014 11:11 am


Oh, well glad to hear that things are better now! Hopefully they'll stay better!! smile
And I'm fine, just relaxing around since it's the summer~ Though I think I may be developing a cold.