Hmm. Well, I'm a college student now. Suppose there isn't too much to say after that. All I'm worried about is working on getting to a better school. It's fun being a college bum right now~ Too bad it doesn't make money.

Er, anyhow, I'm a gamer who likes reading random things. I'm also an oddball with pride.


~Rants of a teenage fool~

These far off thoughts are just brilliant flashes in my memory


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Teh Savior

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Teh Savior

Thanks for the buy, you helped me get this bitchin' new hat.

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I’ve seen those, they’re hilarious. XD And really, Shepard is a jerk.
It is, one of the better couples Bioware has given us. I found something like that, but it was an animatic and is so freaking sad! DX It made me die a little too. Thanks; oh hey if we COMBINE the head-cannon then it’s the Exile and Atton that reunite them.
The wolf things? Meh, too lazy to look things up…at the moment. She did, then at end game it’s about how he ‘loves her’ and that crap…doesn’t make him less creepy. I’m not big on horror games, a lot are just…gore and the scares never are too effective I’ve found.
Hm, they might be… Probably, sons are supposed to be the great ones in medieval times even fake ones, and in our case he’s the only boy, in male Hawke cases he’s the second born. Stupid kid…
It’s something like that. Yeah…a lot of the game has some…interesting romantic timing. XD Isabella’s your bro? *laughs* I dunno, she was drinking with Donnic for a fair time wasn’t she?
It is, cause you’re supposed to choose between two of your friends…granted even if they’re just pixels and great voicing. Even if they did believe in space abortion the turian could make them discount it. It’s be awesome, but too easy, and nothing is ever easy. You chose the Spacer background than?
It is, they’re trying to bleed us dry while they can. Hey now, Bethesda just gives us like, 15 more hours of play for 10 bucks.
And didn’t Morrigan say that once ou enter you can’t go back? Or something like that. Dude Flemeth would turn into a dragon and eat her or something. The crazy lady has a few centuries on Morrigan.
That’s how I saw it too, you got Leliana and Zevran, who are both hella ,weak if you aren’t a rogue yourself. The mage was definitely better in 2, mostly because spells down take super long to cast and because you can ACTUALLY attack. In both games, and in further extension all RPGs, I feel the need to steal everything, so rogue suits me. XD
I know what you mean dwarves were hard to do, men look wrong without the beards and women looked like child heads on fat little bodies. Huh…Shianni was wasn’t she, and al the other elves had freakishly shaped ears and faces.

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Or or, what if she DID look like that and Shepard is just a sick freak? XD If that happened the whole ‘Dark Side Point Bwahahahahaha!’ would probably appear and sell her out.
I know what you mean, and some of his dialogue was like, super sweet and caring. No. O: There’s stuff like that on Youtube? Ooooh, I like that head-cannon; mine is more ‘Revan and Carth find each other after the battling on Telos’.
Or he could pretend to have any character whatsoever. Never even heard of Haunting Ground so I don’t think that’d work.
He was 18 he could have gotten over the strain in that time. I think Leandra coddled him perhaps. >3> Poor Mother. But maybe he was just having that middle child complex some people have and the only cure for it was Ogre.
I just saw red ribbon and thought it was for his Hawke lovingness or something gooey like that. I think they do, my brother mentioned something about having to download a patch for Isabella’s though I think. And the 3 years were probably like this… Fenris: So Hawke… Hakwe: F*** you! *runs off sobbing to kill more Qunari* But that’s just a rough reenactment.
That’s what I’m saying! His eyes are just like ‘DAMN dude, is there a Visine for that?!’ I think Bioware did that just so she was pretty and romancable, if she looked like the other Dalish….yeah. Wait the first romance scene or the second? I remember the second one he grabs Hawke and that weird spinning under view made him look super effeminate. Maybe they’re not off at all and it’s all just a trick because they’re otherworldly creatures?
If I lose anyone, and it’s not cannon like god-frickin’-damn Virmire, I will restart until I do it right. Shepard needs her friends! Especially the turian one! Well, as far as space abortion goes I don’t think anyone would believe we did that, after all, Reapers and Reaper Babies don’t exist.
|Bioware and Bethesda have that effect on me, Bethesda usually more so because it’s so nonlinear. I’ve heard the DLC gap thing too and it irritates me; we just paid 60 bucks for an unfinished game and now we’re shelling out more cash to finish the game, least that’s my opinion on it. I noticed that too! When I beat it I pretty much screamed at the tv about how the development team lied to everyone. D< She should, unless she’s trapped forever in that stupid mirror, which would figure.
Well, to me it was kinda like, she’s putting on an accent, then she’s trying to use emotion and the voice actor’s voice starts going. I dunno. Mage was too poor a class I thought to get much out of it, I kept dying and my team kept dying because I was usually the one that’d have to kill everything in all the playthroughs. *snickers* I did that too, I always gave the Dalish or mage tat’s, even in DA2. Dwarfs were ok, I made the profiles, but the lower class one was evil and it drained me to do, and the the Aeducan one was holier than thou so she wasn’t fun to play.

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XD Oh dear, poor Tali. If she looked like either of those I’m sure Shepard would have bailed the second he took of her visor though.
Pft, Bastila has no money, she sunk it all into the Sith academy while she was on the dark side.
I did that too, and I was always pissed when the game wouldn’t let him come with like on Dxun. D< Disciple was boring and his whole personality was like ‘you need to be my Jedi teacher for I worship the ground you walk on in a very articulate way’. Hm, you make a good point about the Soldier/Jedi thing, I’ll have to try that out.
I said that too, I wished there was a ‘attack templar and live on the lam’ option, but sadly, Bethany needed to go…and then so did mother…after Carver…and after the father. Carver needs to get over himself, he’s the frickin’ man of the house he should have acted like it.
XD *cracks up* Those would have been the best lines ever. Was that was the little red bracelet thing was? The Hawke family crest? Well, at least Fenris came around…after like 6 years they could have gotten jiggy with each other in that time.
His eyes freaked me out with how blue they were, and the Dalish…Merril was they only one that looked like a person, the rest looked like mutated cat monsters, but it did make them stand out more. Yeah, she got majorly upgraded since then. I do like too. heart
I couldn’t stand losing anyone, I’d be all teary eyed and upset and then have to start my game over no matter no far I get. *cracks up* Dear god it WAS an abortion! An abortion of space Satan! Mass kinda pulls you into its little world doesn’t it? And KotOR, and DA…and anything else they make over at Bioware…Oh god they’re in our heads making us FEEL things!
God willing, and I get the feeling the third game is gonna be like, Dragon Age 2.5, 2 felt so unfinished when I beat it. I hope that too, that’d be neat, especially after the ‘I’ve never heard of a Grey Warden having a kid after the Joining’ cept Morrigan. Oh dude! Morrigan needs to have an appearance in 2.5!
I have no idea…his accent was at least more consistent than Merril’s, every time she tried to make her voice deep or emote she’d lose the accent altogether.
Ha, I did that too. Though I have beaten the game as a City Elf and Human Noble…then was like ‘can’t….play…another playthrough! *throws disc and puts in Fallout*’

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Hell, Gaia never told me I had the comment so sorry for the lateness of this one.
XD The hell? I’d pay to see that too. Maybe that’s how the 3rd game’ll end, it was all in Shepard’s head and turian dude wished them away.
It got kinda obvious she would turn, the dumb b***h. “I am arrogant and the best damn Jedi EVAH bitches!!!’ But I befriended and redeemed so I was like ‘damn straight! Now help me save the Republic or I CUT you!’ Carth was definitely a fav, kept him in the party all the time; and then felt bad cause his family situation. Yep, and I just got it for my birthday too! biggrin Dude I loved Atton! And Discple had kinda a hero worship thing going on…it was creepy. I liked the second one better too, and not just cause you get to start as a Jedi.
She does a little, but she gets over it towards the very end. I could never let them be warden’s, it’d be all ‘nooooo don’t leave me forever please! DX’ Damn character writing… Yeah, everyone Hawke loves dies, she like a curse. You mean when they’re talking about mages and Fenris says the line about what they did to mom?
I didn’t think the Whorehouse elf was anything special, probably cause I couldn’t get over the color of his eyes. They were waaaaay too blue in my books, bit it did distinguish the races better as a characteristic; they didn’t just look like pointy ears short humans anymore. I can agree on the voice though, every time Fenris opened his mouth it was like OwO.
Maybe it’s just the magic of the gaming world that is beyond our comprehension? …like Reapers.
I think I remember something like that, about after beating the rest of the Darkspawn she goes travelling or something…but why would she leave? She just became frickin’ Queen! QUEEN!!! I think Anders said the other Wardens made him because it made him soft, so not our Warden persay.
*cracks up* What was his accent anyways? At some points it sounded Irish and then Scottish and then some other thing.
Damn…how many playthroughs you do? City elf was always my favorite, but I felt so bad for my cousin and all the other elfs…and enjoyed gutting that son of whore nobleman every time I played it.

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I don't blame you, and dude Tali's mission is just like 'why would you do that to her!?!' XD That b*****d probably could, although it hasn't worked on the Reapers.
He lives in a couple of my files, but the one where I make the desicions rather than the 'make Shepard go down this path intentionally to see what happens' Ashley lives, and Liara STILL didn't get lucky. Bioware must like reusing its voice actors, that or owns them or something. Pfft, when Shepard was Bastilla I wanted to punch her in the face, and I actually like Carth waaaaaaay better than Kaiden.
Yeah, if he's there she becomes a Grey Warden and like, no longer loves you when you meet up again, so I just send her to the Circle now. Yeah Isabella leaving is depressing, like Hawke hasn't been left enough by everyone she cares about. No I take him pretty much everywhere and everytime I want the option to just be like 'Dude! How?!' just for an explination.
Was it like a cut scene or were they just randomly there?
Wait...aren't YOU the Warden Commander, and don't you give him the cat? Why would you just make him get rid of it later!?
I dunno the whole deal with him but apparently he's a chick only romance, but then everyone was pissed cause he's all 'our love with be pure and untouching love in the eyes of the Maker! biggrin ' And he gets super pissing or not depending on the decision with Anders.
I never noticed the last names aside from Cousland, cause people kept frickin' saying it, but was Amell the human Mage backstory?

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She is! If I had my druthers Shepard could just be like ‘Shepard HUG!’ everytime I wanted. XD

Well then he cheated first…sort of. Kaiden’s whiny and all optimistic anyways, I didn’t think he was that great so I saved Ash, that and she had a family, he didn’t. My Than file is the one with cheating on him though, so we’ll see what happens; hope there is an option for that. Hey do you use the same choices for each file or shake things up?

…And now I know. XD Aw, I had to restart once just so I could keep her, she was a hilarious character. Yeah the whole ‘she’s not a woman she’s…one of your words’ I wanna know how he knows everything about the damn Qunari! She gotten taken from me once, then I thought ‘oh I’ll take her with me to the deep roads to keep her safe!’ and died and I cried like a b***h.

Nope, I saved my whole team even Anders, cause he does need to repent…lots. D: They can help you!? I had to kill Meredith’s crazy a** almost alone! Oh my god you’re right…GET HIM A CAT STAT! One named Ser Pounce a Lot.

It was, like, I wished him luck in battle then BETRAYL! So my little noblewoman was all about the revenge and.

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He was damn awesome in the first game,like best buddy kind of awesome. That's what I'm doing, though I want to make a couple male ones too just to see the differences in play style and whatnot. I thought Jacob was just kinda...there; he's ok, but the most interesting thing about him was his backstory. It's only cheating if the partner is still alive. And I heard there will be reprocussions if you cheat in the ME1 person with someone in 2.
I didn't know I could, I thought it would be the same as DA where if they hate you they leave you. I remember Anders and Justice from Awakening, and the end made me all 'you son of a b***h!' So then I was kinda 'repent you a*****e! REPENT BECAUSE WE ARE SAVING MY SISTER!!!!'
Yeah I wish Anders was more...original Anders, he would have been more fun. And I was hoping Nathaniel would be a teammate, he was cool once he stopped harping on about his daddy Tim Curry.

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I hope it gets moved back to it's orginial slot. >^< But I'll have SKYRIIIIIIIIM to play so that should help.
I liked it, and I think if Bioware hadn't added hima s a romance all the fangirls would have hunted them down and gutted them like fish. Thane's alright, I romanced my evil Shepard with him and then she killed like half her crew. I was a rouge dual weapon expert most of the time, it was easiest for me. I dunno, after playing Mass I guess it felt like most of the character's weren't all...there. Wynne was like a gramma to me though. XD
Nah, I beat DA2, but it took me FOREVER to figure out how to romance Fenris. D< I was all 'Hawke: *talks* Fenris: *rivalry* Alex: MOTHER F***ER!!!!' I had to start over like 3 times! Anders was more 'meh' to me because he was being a freaking martyr the whole game. And he was ever so mean to Merril. D; Everyone was!
Hope it goes well for ya.

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*epic nerd rages more* Damnit I have that game all reserved and everything! DX
Hehe, I did ShepxGarrus too. He was my bud in the first game too....that and I killed Kaiden. Meh, I wasn't feelin' any of the characters in DA so I just became Queen with Alister. But Morrigan was my favorite. What paths did you choose for the games? And what'd you do in DA2?
Well, Mirror's Edge is like constant rolling and falling and spinning in a first person perspective.


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