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Why hello you insufferable git.
Dry your feet at the Welcome mat.

Coming soon, in the theaters near you:
absolutely nothing, my dear, personal, buzz lightyears.

But I award you a pass to platform 9 ¾,
and fifty points for Slytherin, due to the fact that we are fathomless.

Current Short Story: by me you ********]

scratching scabs

i started numbering the scars
when you said it would help
me keep track of just how broken
we’d be at the end of us.

i decided to call it: project progress.

despite how warm our first summer was,
your skin would always feel cold
within my memory of us.
the loudest cries,
which first cracked the surface of our souls,
were never enough
to wake the world.

that summer, we added twelve scars to our collection.


scar number seventy-seven holds an ill-kept secret.
it’s our last one,
together, too.

when i run my finger across it,
every nauseating thought,
and all the words you whispered
through gritted teeth,
prickle up and down my spine—
and it’s then that i know:

this one right here, this one is more than skin deep.


you caught my breaths
with sinking lungs of your own
and liked to tell me it was for safekeeping.
i think you forgot to give them back
after scar thirty-one;
around the same time i started suffocating
under your attention.

i don’t like remembering that one.


you know, i thought of you as peter pan,
and tried to find neverland
within your eyes
but i forgot you burned down childhood memories
as a hobby
and planned to die lightening your own house on fire
with the cigarettes you kept under my pillow;

the same pack that added scar ten and twenty.


there is one more scar after seventy-seven,
but it doesn’t count because that’s the one that
made me want to
fall out of love
with you.

the very one i can’t stop scratching.


we worked under the assumption
that we could fix one another,
but never realised
that adding more cracks would only
break us further.

in the end, scar seventy-eight taught us that lesson.



Status: semi-hiatus.

journal here.
my anime list

Current Obessions:
prostitution, jellyfish, twins, game of thrones,
walking dead (glenn), legend of korra, one piece, downton abbey,
johnny depp, haruki murakami, sherlock, doctor who, ghibli and disney.

Due to the fact that Corr found gay midget porn,
she's placed here as an honour to her hard work for society.

Just a side note: nifty nargle is my mule.

Now, my undeniably terrific humans, which slaughter mother nature, throw thy stones, fellow oxygen inhalers! I shan’t judge thou for I have made plenty mistakes, took many bullets, stopped quite a few trains and finished off many fire spitting dinosaurs, but in the end I am what I am: a magical peanut, and a writer.

Just don't piss the flippin' dragons out of me and we can be flying hippos on rainbows together.

Go on, go on, moving along.

Johnnie Walker, the cat-killer, is unable to receive your calls.
Please hold and enjoy our information below.

╔═══════════ ۝ ═══════════╗


most call me yu and i am mature
and childish and my humour is ******** up.

foul-mouthed, dallying, human being with the patience of the gods.

leo, born a bilingual b*****d in nineteen ninety-two
with a fascination for psychological/horror thingies.

questioning sanity while continuing being a sleep deprived
visitor during the nocturnal hours.

spout too many ******** racist remarks and
can’t cook for s**t, also a professional bum.

i love music, from classical to rock, then to k and j-pop
and i'm lazy and love food and my nintendo ds.

the wordy b*****d you wanna avoid because, you know,
placed in slytherin, and probably an airbender.

iron man knocked batman from number one and
weeping angels have me being paranoid.

devours books and strives on words and movies
and tv shows and manga and anime and i need a life.

don’t like even numbers and don’t like people, well,
unless you cook for me, but i panic and am nervous 23 hours a day.

no sugar-coated lullabies here, brutal honesty which means it is a given that i am a total a*****e, if you wish, with perfect apparating skills.

╚═══════════ ۝ ═══════════╝

Further along the red brick road is darkness, but venture deeper into nihility you—fabulous, strikingly glorious—muggle, for it is made of dreamers, achievers and creators

What am I—you still wonder, my dear?

I am a traveller amongst the stars of dreamers, venturing into nihility, the glory of all believers. I am as twisted as a three flavour candy cane, and I play with the ignorance of the minds dreaming of sober summers, winter chills and midnight breaths. Dancing with the childish smiles that are but facades to hide the reality that I am but a scared little kid, afraid of the monsters lurking beneath my bed—but they are only in my head.

I am the burnt toast with butter scrapped off of it, stale coffee and cold peppermint tea, drifting endlessly in a star speckled, moonless kind of night. While my comfort only lasts within those calm, collected moments when the rain pounds against fogged up, colour stained windows of a bawdy church.

I cling to those delusions of honey-dripped, lopsided grins, to the deceiving tongue ripping apart ribcages and living off of sinking lungs—desperately clutching onto the scents that mingle within the minds of those who dared to inhale the words that are like cotton candy kisses, making hearts ache because you know it is nothing but fiction—a passerby. However, if am meant for anything, it is to show you my universe and hope you take my hand.

Because I am…a magical peanut, and a writer

Backed Goods and Cookie-Doos:

I am collecting bugs // inks, so feel free—no, just ******** send them.
Thank you very much, wonderful stranger. I owe you a squeeze.

so far:

Black: 311 // 500
Red: 332 // 500
Blue: 324 // 500
White: 37 // 500
Brown: 533 // 500
Green: 376 // 500
Orange: 49 // 500
Yellow: 461 // 500
Gold: 109 // 500
Purple: 10 // 500
Pink: 6 // 500

Now if you are still ******** here, excuse my language, get the ******** off of my profile, you traitorous goblin. I am the stalker, not the one being stalked, unless, of course, you wish to leave a lovely comment talking about how nice my hair is today—or you could leave a rude one, saying how much I resemble your mother.

(( If you happen to return in the year twenty seventy-seven,
I plan to massacre everyone visiting my profile then with burning-evil-leaves.

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mrs jeepers5

Report | 09/18/2014 11:17 am

mrs jeepers5

Yes, yes I did. I'm glad you noticed. emotion_kirakira
mrs jeepers5

Report | 09/17/2014 10:48 am

mrs jeepers5

-punches you in the face-

Report | 08/11/2014 10:07 pm


Heey!!! Oh my god its been forever since we've talked.. How you been? :3
Javier Cross

Report | 08/03/2014 8:22 pm

Javier Cross

What's going to become of Studio Ghibli's earlier movies in that case?
Disney itself may have ancestored Anime as we know it, but it was because of Studio Ghibli that there be
anything worth taking pride over about the fact. sad
Javier Cross

Report | 08/03/2014 5:41 pm

Javier Cross

What has become of the studio ancestor'd by Disney exactly?
Javier Cross

Report | 08/01/2014 6:18 pm

Javier Cross

I was hoping we could talk more often, I can't even find willing role-players around these parts anymore. sad
Javier Cross

Report | 07/29/2014 11:50 pm

Javier Cross

Happy Belated birthday to you, too. ^_^
Mute Valentiine

Report | 07/27/2014 5:02 pm

Mute Valentiine

idk wat yozu means but yea i got a mouse and starting to save up for the blue muramasa :3
Mute Valentiine

Report | 07/27/2014 1:46 pm

Mute Valentiine

yup pretty razz and im bored :p and got my mouse back so me back on here :p
Mute Valentiine

Report | 07/26/2014 11:32 pm

Mute Valentiine

y u look like a tikki thingy razz and hows u


Status: Semi-Hiatus

Vice Captain.
Guild Members should quote me for a direct reply.

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I am a writer.