Hi, I'm Aku/Yura.
I'm pretty boring.
I like to draw failtacular cute stuff.
A college student.
I'm dating engaged to the most amazing guy ever.
I love my OC's.
Er. I get lost easily.
Talking about myself is weird.

Engaged 08/17/12 <3

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Caprinae Report | 09/06/2015 5:23 pm
touches ur face back/// heart
meeiji Report | 09/01/2015 7:25 pm
ur avi is gr8
pourshuh Report | 07/22/2015 7:59 pm
Yeah no I love my weekends off. This week I've had 2 days off though and I'm stressed about paying for college;
Whats your IGN, idek if you added me. Hard to keep track of users too. idk.

No I understand its fine if you're too busy to reply.

So even if you live together its still hard to make time for eachother? Im worried for when college is back up.
I dont wanna lose time with my bae.
pourshuh Report | 07/21/2015 10:47 am
Oh of course, but it can still suck. Had some bad drama.

Its alright, I just switch between days. I have today off. qq.

Oh of course ! We're always together for the summer, since when our education starts back up it might be a bit difficult...
Alright, like i said my IGN is pourshuh so add me !!

Oh that really sucks, so expensivee.e.e.e.e...
and no problem i just get worried you're bored of talking to me + i miss you. i'll wait patiently ;_;
pourshuh Report | 07/20/2015 8:18 pm
Oh yeah of course, it had a lot of good moments. But Meh. redface

Well not really full time, its only full time hours for the one job 9-5 3 days a week, and then tuesdays and thursdays i fill in hours and whatever.
I didnt want to work 9-5, 5 days a week cause that Job stresses me to hell out.

Oh Yeah of course, it would be awesome. emotion_yatta
I'm really looking forward to it, we always play league together, skype in the morning when we wake up, webcam all the time, etc.
He's really something special. emotion_kirakira

Yassssss, you play league? I never knew. I've been playing for like 2-3 years man.
Pass over your IGN and I'll give you an add? I'm almost always on when I'm home. You can meet my shiny prince emotion_dowant emotion_facepalm emotion_bigheart

Certification Tests? What do you have to do for them and stuffffff.

Also I miss you, reply faster. qqq. emotion_8c
pourshuh Report | 07/18/2015 3:40 pm
Well yeah, I guess I'll tell you how my last year has been since Its been a really long time.
I finished my first year of college, was fun, made friends, made enemies, etc. Lmao.
Really stressed to go for my second/final year this September.

I currently have two jobs, i'm paying my own college so....
Working at my old place, and have a new job in the same print industry with my dads old friend.

As relationship wise, Pretty big changeee.... I dont know if I told you but Jose and I havent been together in a long time.
We dont talk, we arent friends anymore at all. --- Ive had a few boyfriends since him and other relationships and stuff.

I have a new boyfriend, wonderful wonderful guy. We've been together for 4 months and we're honestly a perfect match.
I'm stressing on keeping him in my life cause I'm the happiest I've been with a guy honestly.
We're both very serious about eachother. He lives in CT though, only 8 hour drive though and we thought about seeing eachother this summer but,
money and time is just bad so we made a promise to do it over christmas 100% if we cant earlier.

Other than that I've been spending my summer days with him, working, playing league and hanging out with friends here and there,
lots of shopping and driving and stuff.

I feel like a new person and I'm really really happy. Just a bit stressed about the future job and college wise.
pourshuh Report | 07/18/2015 3:14 pm
Good and Bad, whens the last time we talked!?
catch up time babes, tell me.. whats going on; whats been happening !
pourshuh Report | 07/18/2015 3:10 pm
Babbles redface heart heart
meeiji Report | 04/13/2015 7:18 pm

i bought mh4 the other day and when i was buying it the guy was like
do you need a gift receipt?? and i was like nah
and he was like iS IT FOR YOU !?! and i was like wow so rude
but then i had to say no cause i wasn buying it for osmeone LOL OTL
meeiji Report | 04/12/2015 5:27 pm
thank you bae !! ; v ; <333

((&omfg i still need to answer our wall LOL ))