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Yumi Nile MH

Mom: Helda

Dad: Tut

Pet: Bingi

Eventho My Father is King Tutankhamun.....I try to hind part of my ROYALTY!! U'll know why, everyone wants to be ur beast ghoulfriend well, I just wanna be myself...moreas the Witch side. Eventho my mother is the best witch there everybe...and yes Casta IS my COUzzin! And eventho the DeNiles are my relitives too! I love Cleo she is like my beast friend everrrrr!!!! I despise Nefera!

Name: Yumi Pet: Bingi (LOVE HIM)PARENTS: Mom witch Helda Father King Tutankhamun aka Tut BEAST SUBJECT: HISTORY/CASTING Spells LEAST SUBJECT: MATH--> hate to measure each potion, I like to wing it instead. FREAK FLAW: I'm a Princess, who doesn't know much about Egypt

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