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Then GIVE ME ALL the items. Hahaha



Hi there. I doubt there will be people who want to read this.

First of all I'm Yumi. Well I'm neither old nor young. Please make a guess on how old I am. Well I just graduate from Polytechnic a few months ago. Never did get to attend my Graduation ceremony as I was not in that country. Currently working as programmer while waiting for University to start. I didn't get offered the course that I want to. But was offered Software engineering. Maybe its fated that computer science was not meant for me. Life had its up and downs but well that's what make life interesting isn't it?

If anyone have any freelance job for me please pm. Please note my programming skill is not professional.

Anime: I didn't watch a lot. But currently started watch due to a friend of mine.

Psycho pass
Kuro sensei ( never did watch that as its still ongoing)
Mirai Nikki
Ano Hana
Love Live
Black Bullet etcetc (not listing the whole list of anime out)

Game: I don't consider myself as gamer. I know what a real gamer was like. I have friend who was a gamer. I played usually ds game, I never like shooting game. Recently I just started playing Team Fortress 2. You can pm me if you wanna play with me. But keep in mind I'm still a noob.

Music: Jay chou, Arashi, Nishino kana, Westlife, backstreet boys are my favorite.

Likes: Travelling. Been to quite a number of countries.
South Korea
Hong Kong
China (shenzhen)

Drawing is also one of my likes. But currently does not have so much time. Will start doing that when I have more time to do that in real life.

Friends Request: Sorry not accepting any friend request. Wont be here for a long time. Usually too busy in real life.

Relationship: Happily taken. BF much older than me. smilies/icon_heart.gif

Others: I laugh when I find things really amusing. I like dark humor only when I get it. I only talk when I have things in common with people or we share really similar interest. Other times I will be quiet. I have weird fashion sense. Don't be surprised if you saw someone wearing Gothic dress walking around. That could be me. Say hi. Well that's all.

Thank you for your kind attention. May you have a wonderful days ahead of you.



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Having someone that will always be there to care for you is great.

Please treasure him/her.