Yume no Shirube

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Location: England

Birthday: 10/25

Occupation: Art Student


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The name's Yume no Shirube... You can call me Yume, I'm a seventeen year old art student and...that's about it really. I'm easy to talk to and will be, as many people put it, shy when you first talk to me, but after a while, you'll notice I'm really not shy at all. Don't really want to bother you with all the boring stuff like how I act like and other stuff so I'll get straight to the point.
I'm a semi-literate to lazy literate (I consider myself anyway) roleplayer.
I'm currently addicted to: Deadpool, Marvel, Pokemon, Saints Row and Animal Crossing so get over it.
I enjoy reading mystery novels along with horror and would rather walk around my house in joker converses than go out and socialize...I'm just too damn idle.
I listen to rap, rock, metal and some pop. It just depends really and I also adore pancakes. Seriously. Could eat them for every meal of the day! Mainly because they're the only thing I can cook but apart from that, definitely my favorite meal!