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Gender: Female

Location: Roseville, CA

Birthday: 11/09/1995


13 gifts received

  • Pink Rose Wristlet Corsage

    From Ria Ameino

  • Elegant Violet Lace Fan

    From Ria Ameino

  • Elegant Violet Lace Fan

    From Ria Ameino

  • Silver Promise Ring

    From Ria Ameino

  • Royal Purple Titania Tiara

    From ???

  • Royal Purple Titania Sandals

    From ???

  • Royal Purple Titania Skirt

    From ???

  • Royal Purple Titania Blouse

    From ???

  • Violet Plaid Classroom Skirt

    From ???

  • The Red Parrot

    From ???

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How does one talk of themselves without sounding vain? Well, I should state I do not really like myself as I know myself too well. Historically I used to be insane, but have toned down thanks to my lovey. After all the mental civil warring I have decided I just want peace. I like to scare, observe, and help people. I do not like harming people though. What I do is heavily based on my mood, so there is a good chance that if I am in a good mood you can weasel something out of me.

I LOVE answering questions. So feel free to ask!

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Elements: Lightning/Dark
Animal: Fox
Color: Purple


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Genyusai Report | 04/17/2014 12:56 am
Haha I asked "how are you?" Seneschal how come you are burning the midnight oil?
Genyusai Report | 04/17/2014 12:50 am
It is Korean for Hello!
Eotteohke jinaeseyo?
Genyusai Report | 04/17/2014 12:45 am
Anyoung Haseyo?
Genyusai Report | 04/17/2014 12:34 am
You're looking pretty regal in that fine purple hanbok, Seneschal. A fine garment for a distinguished lady. 3nodding
Genyusai Report | 04/16/2014 1:05 am
I enjoy our entertaining discourse very much Seneschal. mrgreen
Genyusai Report | 04/16/2014 12:41 am
Indeed, like the guy using two ladders to reach a rooftop, or the one balancing a stereo on his tub while he baths.
Genyusai Report | 04/16/2014 12:27 am
Haha, your star pin says it all.
Genyusai Report | 04/16/2014 12:21 am
I am glad to hear you are happy, Seneschal. Your adviser Ria is wise indeed. I trust next time you shall be blessed with much greater fortune.
Genyusai Report | 04/16/2014 12:08 am
Ah lovely Ria, an officer of your court perhaps? I trust you are satisfied with your findings, Seneschal. smile
Genyusai Report | 04/15/2014 11:55 pm
Hahaha, calm the waters Seneschal.. Cultivate a stoic mind.
I am your friend.

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Feel free to recommend better shoes!
Only thing left are the December Dark Mythrill Wings


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Hello, I am selling things for my lovey and me. Please note that I will send thank you messages to people for buying my things normally. If you have ideas on investments please let me know! 4laugh Check my profile for a list of future things I intend to vend for profit!
Please also let me know if you want to make a deal. Am willing to lower price, and also willing to take other items as trade.
My Store Thread to know more about trading with me!


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Future Vends

This is what I am selling(either now, or in the future.) I will consider bartering, haggling, and what not, but please consider that some of the items have a price I bought them at... So I will not accept that price or lower. Please note if I can get a better deal and we have not made arrangements I shall take the better deal(like MP)

Item: (Targetted Price)
Bought Price

Yoroi: (600K)

Elemental wings: (1.2 mil)

Damascus Armor:


Vampire hunter Hat: (1.35 Mil)

Eye of IO:

Ace Meow:

L33T Gamer: (17.75 mil)

Wedding de Mortis:

Brass Raving Goggles:

Scavenged Haz-Suit:

Tesla Coil:
1.2 Mil

Black Butler: Drocell Cainz:
1.046 mil

Her Raiding Majesty:

Jazz the lounge lizard:

Oppa Style!: (107.5 mil)

Caretaker Tia: (2 mil)

Large Pirate Hat

The Nightmare 11th Gen
2.78 mil

Biancamella 5th Gen
1.4 mil

Items For Sale with Origional Price Lost: (targetted Price)
Hold'em Ace (400K)
Candy Hearts(have multiple and selling fast)(8 mil)

Things I am trying to gather to sell later. Feel free to recommend and offer to me. The goal here is profit. These sort of things I am intending to sell FAR later when an oppertunity for profit arises.

Current hoard targets:
Legend of Guardians Owl Helmet
Water Meat
Grave Danger Spectral Shroud
Celebrity Date
11th Anniversary Dark Halo
Frosted 2k13 Boots x2
Skintimate Fruit Fascinator
Dark Elf's Circlet
High Tech Gas Mask
Astra-12-: V-day 2k14 Candy Coated
Laceback Kercheif
Yellow Dark Elf Corset
Jack's 2k13 Cane
Syaoran's Goggles
Cherry Ring Pop
Tiered Red Skirt
The Experiment 6th Gen
Lovey the Dove
The Detective Consultant
I am Adamant
Astra-45: Glass Rose Wings
Ria Ameino

Yueyue's Lovey~