You may call me Yuki/Yuko/Yukora
Age: 23
Birth Date: 11/07/1989

[3olor=crimson]Yukora Dragonheart's Main RPC and Family[/color]

Yukora Dragonheart
Yuko D.
Commonly referred to as Yuko or Yuki.
Her age is roughly about 742 years.
She is roughly (currently) about 5’0”.
Her race? She is a shape-shifter and having come from another world something different here causes her to crave blood. She is often called a vampire.
Eyes, crimson.
Her looks? They change a lot. She tends to like shorter hairstyles though. She often wears a haircut that can easily be called ‘boyish’.
Family? Other than her adopted family, she has a brother and his Blood Clone commonly referred to as Shadow and/or Kai. They are twins(triplets if you cont the clone xD ).
She wants nothing to do with their father and their mother died a long time ago.

A rundown: Yuko likes flirting, having fun, occasionally being a b***h, and making others smile. Like her brother, she has forgotten her ‘true form’, what her body looked like before she had worn so many forms that even her own body does not remember its original shape. She’s fiercely protective and possessive of her family and the people she cares about. She would do practically anything for them.
Said to be a Temptress and has been called (more than once) a Succubus. She doesn’t like the act of sex more than she enjoys the simple pleasure of the hunt. The seduction. She’d much rather flirt and play all day than get into anything serious, partially because she believes she would only bring misery to someone she claimed as her own Love and partially because she didn't want to hurt or to cause hurt to someone she cares for.
Soft hearted, usually kind, almost always flirtatious, Yukora seems to love everyone, to want to be friends with everyone, to see everyone smile. She hates seeing a sad person, much like her younger brother, Shadow (Kai). She is much like her brother but where he prefers male shapes she prefers female forms. She likes people who speak their minds and who take control. She may act like a ‘leader’ but she is much more of a ‘follower’. She’s not very forceful or dominating. When she does take a mate it usually does not last long. She tends to grow bored and cast them off. What she likes most in a made is a domination forceful quality, which, she does not find often.
She doesn’t play well on teams and is more of a lover than a fighter, but do not assume that that means she will not fight or that she couldn't do damage. When she has to she can fight with all the ferocious, wild, abandon of an animal. If she had to she would fight tooth and claw for things and people she held dear. It would do best not to anger her.
When in another form she is most easily recognized by the fact her eyes remain crimson unless she wills it otherwise.


Father (real name unknown)- Obviously, her father. A Demon War Lord. A shape shifting Master.

Mother (real name unknown)- Said to have been a captive of Father in his Realm. Neither Yukora not Kai has ever met her…

Thomas Thorn - Son and older brother of Shadow. (Hey, don’t make that face. Shadow didn't and doesn’t know it was his Mother). The ‘older brother’ part is because of a trippy time thing. Possibly caused by his Father. He has some shape-shifting talent but is not near as good as Shadow or Yukora. He is not part vampire but is, essentially, immortal. Brother and nephew of Yukora. (Age: 747.)

Kai Shadowheart – Younger brother. He was often tortured and abused by Father for reasons only known by Father. He is a "vampire"/shape shifter hybrid. Only twenty minutes younger than Yukora. (Age: 742.)

Zeph Darkeye- Younger than Shadow, Yukora, and Thomas. Older than Adrian, who now lives with him. His shape-shifting ability is limited only to the shape of a wolf or ‘werewolf’. He has a temper and tends to take things personally. He rarely smiles. Related only by Father. (Age: 502.)

Adrian Brightfeather – Youngest known brother. He had been kept by Father as a sex-slave of sorts for Father’s higher-ups and, occasionally, Father himself. Rather innocent of the workings of the world, he looks younger than he actually is. He now lives with his older brother Zeph. His shape-shifting abilities are limited to birds and a Griffin shape. Related only by Father. ( He appears to be anywhere close to 14/16. He is 497.)

Kyte Shadowheart/Collins – A son of Kai and Zeek. One of two surviving children from their pairing. Like his father (Zeek. Shadow had played the role of ‘mother’ for that particular litter) at the time, he has the form of what Zeek had called a ‘Meep’. He, like his father at the time, has three forms: A blue lion-like creature, his ‘usual’ blue Meep form which is humanoid, and a tiny cat-like form. All forms have long ears with little tufts of fur at the end as well as a lion-like puff of fur at the end of a long tail (his feet are paw-like and large in his Meep form. His lion form has longer legs, looks slimmer, and has larger paws than the average lion as well. His little-cat form is roughly the size of a newborn kitten). He doesn’t remember his lost brothers and sisters. Nephew to Yuko.

Tay – The second remaining child from Zeek and Kai’s pairing. Older than Kyte. She loves Zeek and Kai. She had never really known her brothers and sisters. Niece to Yuko.

Yukora has two children. A boy and a girl. Essentially ‘twins’, fathered by the half-breed vampire Angel.


Taylor has no last name. A pretty femboy elf who enjoys cross-dressing. Kind, soft hearted, and loves a good time. He is pansexual, loves to sing, loves to eat softer fruits (oranges, strawberries, bananas). He often has candy hidden on his person. Such a terrible sweet tooth!


Warning:Yukora's Journal


I like to write about what ever and plan to write what ever!!! Yukora<<<<---- Not good Evil, not nice EVIL!!


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