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yuki_chan1688s Report | 07/26/2014 12:40 am
Die if you bumb my comment box stare
Cyeel Report | 07/23/2014 6:11 am
its pink whee
Cyeel Report | 07/23/2014 4:20 am
*slaps* :<
yuki_chan1688s Report | 07/23/2014 2:46 am
~give Asian a doll
D-Asian Dweeb1273 Report | 07/22/2014 8:01 pm

I am listening to her now~
Trying to memorise lyrics lmao~ heart
uSuk Plz Leave Report | 07/22/2014 6:11 pm
Alright :3 you're very pretty btw : )
D-Asian Dweeb1273 Report | 07/22/2014 5:43 pm
ur shop mofo~
ChrisJames8 Report | 07/22/2014 5:20 pm
ty smile
D-Asian Dweeb1273 Report | 07/22/2014 4:56 pm
whoa~ eek

U really mist ahve been trolling around dark places to do dat~

let me see ur shop again~
uSuk Plz Leave Report | 07/22/2014 4:53 pm
Or you could give me your fb name? o.o Through messaging if you'd prefer

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About me?

Age 20+
Ethnic: Asian (Cambodian,Viet,and Chinese)
Status: Classified
Bio: Hi my name Crista, I live in the United States my real name falls under the bible insisting that god always have me in his favor like wise it's a beautiful name and a follower of people.

I am unique just like any other person I believe in the unthinkable my age may not match my face but I feel like I been here a thousand times.

Favorite hang out: zomg and town
My favorite server: brain clam and basken lake/ or any random servers xD
I like changes but my feelings never change I easily get inspire and I easily lose focus.

~I am a caring person but I can only go so far ~__~ if I get tick off most the time it isn't serious but if your really angry then chances are I am tick off.
I hate random emotions and out burst weather you have a bad day or not you take it out on me I'll just make it ten time worst~


Life deepest confusin smilies/icon_heart.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif
The key to insanity will pull many strings smilies/icon_twisted.gif

Ryan Kingston
Nekochi Hina
Doomy Bear
o Sofia
Slarty Kovahl Norzaar
D-Asian Dweeb1273
AT-Property Of Chris
The Guy That Died 2

gaia son-

Doomybear-love his profile

Asian-first person that made me an avi art


Asian~ secretly wants to be famous

Your stupid if you think for one second that no body in this world cares about you! Before, you even thought about yourself others had work so hard to keep you in their life. Before you even look back there's some who enjoy your company... And ten of five time just by you being there could have put a simile on someone's face! You do make a different and we do care about you!

Hina~ Zomg friend 8D slash vamp

gaia bother ,mom and dad o3o

Tab drew this he is the 2nd artist xD that drew for me

Sofia~ very violence!


Starly*butler .3.

Tab- no hero

Free art ouo from friends

Ryan so Royal xD

tengu: This is my bf

ppl I secretly want to slap

I slap them all :D