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I am a very friendly and slightly shy girl, and FUN SIZE lol XD, but if any of you think im faking the slightly shy part please don't let anger towards me get the best of you...
My favorite foods are strawberries, Pizza with pinapples, and mangoes.
pure white roses are my favorite flowers.
My favorite colors are Black, and pink....and red..and baby blue
I dislike ppl who are mean to one another, or towards me, i dont like spicy things...and im a bit sensitive.

If you want to get to know me...i wont back away from new ppl who want to be my friend...i love meeting new ppl fancy that!
When it comes to role play, for some reason i am really good at it...i am mostly good at made up role play and not like the ones from anime shows ^/////^

Things i Can Cook: (I love cooking and my friends say i would make an awesome wife because of all the foods i made for them) Spicy Curry, Smoked Salmon, Fried Catfish, Homemade cinnamon rolls, Strawberry pie, Fried rice with chicken, pasta with vegetables, Lemon scones, French Crepes, Macaroons, pinapple up side down cake, pumpkin bread, cinnamon nut bread, lasagna with tofu, chicken with grilled vegetables, Home made Mac and cheese, strawberry cake with lemon frosting, steak with roasted carrots, and hot dogs with jambalya, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and gumbo.

My favorite Romantic/Cute gestures: Lifting up my chin, Putting hand on the wall next to me, Patting my head(which makes me feel little) being caressed, being carried princess Style and kissing my hand...i see these alot in anime series ^///m///^ well my favorite ones at least
By the way I am a beautiful elf princess born with magic (rp elf lol) so no one mess with me o3o or I shall use my magic. I hope to find some more elves like me maybe some elf bodyguards


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OtakuKat Report | 02/20/2017 9:52 pm
Thanks for buying. God bless! 3nodding
Teruma Asakura Report | 01/14/2017 6:41 pm
Teruma Asakura
Thanks for buying ! whee
o - n y u u - o Report | 01/14/2017 4:22 pm
o - n y u u - o
Thank you for purchasing! heart
Ali Alosio Report | 01/14/2017 12:58 pm
Ali Alosio
*waves back* hey



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MY MOTTO: Never Give Up No Matter What, When Little Things Knock You Down...Don't Be Afraid To Get Back Up.

I am taking Drawing requests
if you would like ur avi drawn i will be more than happy to draw it ^^

I used to be on tinierme biggrin I was known as SakuraHaruno4al

Silver Haired Beauty


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I am a Sweet Tooth...a little

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<--my royal body guard
don't mess with him

Rule: If a random stranger on gaia sends me a friend request and I don't even know him or her I will not accept it!!!


OK, basically I would love everyones help to complete my first dream avi ^^. I mean if you want to help or not its fine I'm selling a whole lot of my outfits and items, im serious about this dream avi. So feel free to help give a little gold to reach my GOAL!!

wonderful man ^//^

perfect friend