The fallen frost has ended...
The darkness in which my name is born,
Winter as it falls...
Will I die yet again?

My name is Yuki. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Many people call me Kanna.

Let's see...
I don't bite, unless you're one of my somewhat detached plants. I currently have no T.V. If you see someone walking through the streets at night with a plastic knife in her hand, that's... my friend. If you see someone riding on a lamp, yes a lamp in the middle of the night with a pencil, and a pencil sharpener in her hand, that's me.

******** Gaia.

I am a lost soul, ferried by darkness yet guided by light. I have multiple personalities and alter egos. Which face will you meet? That is up to you to decide. Ones crossed are passed, ones in bold are present.

I am...

[Dark] Hopeful [Dragon] Otaku [Pragmatic] Light Content Diva Kikuri

I am the snow which will play with the darkness
Lost in the shadows,
To wait a lifetime for an undecided and broken future...


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Hey do you like Rurouni Kenshin ---> If so then drop by the thread and join: Here is the link:

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I respond super late biggrin
Desire of Ages

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Desire of Ages

blaugh i shall vow to take at least one cookie from the cookie jar > biggrin
Desire of Ages

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Desire of Ages

-stops glompiing- COOKIIEEEE starts baking some biggrin b-but THEY ALWAYS GET BURNED!

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Desire of Ages

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Desire of Ages

YUKI!! -glomps- cookie please biggrin
Miss Brunei

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Miss Brunei

hi! i love ur avi and would like to invite u to the annual miss gaia winter pageant!
this is a winter themed pageant in which contestants will compete in cocktail dress, swuimsuit, evening gown, and then answer a final question..
winner will win a crown and 10k, and the rest of the 6 finalist will get a crown and gold too. the contest starts in september 6! please post in my profile if interested
Obnoxious Mule

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Obnoxious Mule

*glomp* razz

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-attacks- biggrin

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He is number 1. Anthony Tolentino

Thank you very much.


Looking for a semi-realistic/skilled anime artist. PM me~
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