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This is a poem someone wrote, from someone who inspires me every day that I can do what I need to, or has shown me that I can work through things.

Funeral March for a leaf

Ever ponder the fate of a leaf?
From its budding to greenery.

Feeling cold wet wind, to warm sun's glow,
then dying it must as the tree let's it go.
Being swept up, raked up,
where thousands before it were played with by children
who otherwise ignored it.

The tree like man,
Produces more each season.
They grow up and let go of,
For each their own reason.

To age and die out,
It has it's own meaning.

Look upon the fallen leaf.
Remind yourself of loved ones past,
Those who grew up with you,
How the memories last.

The tree gives no love.
It has not a reason.
So you have one up,
For many more seasons.

~ Thank you Dad.

Hello, thank you for looking at my page.
Whether it was because of my name, or our past role play's,or even your curiosity.
I am always looking for a good role play.

I'm no saint, but I'm not the devil.
People need to learn to stop for a moment, and take a look around at what is really going on.
We only have one life. The only request I have before the end of my days.
Is please let me inspire someone in this world.
And see how I am able to inspire them.

This video is a lesson to us all.


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What I am.

Just Some Pictures.. maybe some wording..



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Iniko Libido Mordacitas

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Iniko Libido Mordacitas

I watched that youtube video. That was beautiful.

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I'm game!!!!!

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Yuyu!!!!! I miss you!!!!

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YuYu >.<
Captain Vynexus

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Captain Vynexus

Lucky! I have nothing to do til February.
Captain Vynexus

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Captain Vynexus

I know right! So how ish chu?
Captain Vynexus

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Captain Vynexus

Hai yu!!!!!! emotion_kirakira

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omfg XD i miss you heart