Nasim: Child of the God of Deserts and the Demigoddess of Mirages. A vain and cold hearted boy who struggles with his feminine appearance. With his faithful 'companion' Babak, the tiny black serpent in his hair that pretends to be a hair ornament. Currently looking to inspire a cult following based on the fact he is the son of two divine beings.


You do not need to Know me.

I am an Adult.

I joined Gaia when it was first starting out. I was a young adult and using a different name then.

I see no reason to stop playing on Gaia just because I have gotten older. Unlike some people I feel there is no reason for me to cut ties with a website. I just learned how to prioritize my life to include Gaia.

I am in a relationship. I am not looking to hook up with anyone or start anything online with anyone.

My religious views and beliefs are my own. I'm not going to force you to listen to me explain anything about what I believe. In return, I don't want to hear your views on faith, morality, or what is or is not (in your opinion) right.

Yousei Akki

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