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Love me, Love me Not

Well, lets see here...

I DO NOT accept random friend requests.
Send me a PM or profile comment. C:

My name to all you online people is Love. You may also call me Ruka, but do know that that isn't my real name. Only a select few know my actual name and have been sworn to secrecy!

After that I am 25 years old. Call me a nerd all you want but I love Japanese culture, heritage, and language. I currently self-study, but would like to have a more formal education sometime in the future maybe.

That being said, I adore my little sister. Make one snide, rude, or even remotely negative comment about her and die. I love her, a lot. I would do just about anything for that kid. We are very close and she is like a daughter to me. 'Nuff said.

My kitties Hildegarde and Reinhardt are the love of my life. <3

However, my boyfriend is my real one and only love. We have been together for about 2 years and what an adventure it has been. Ever since the day I met him my life has totally changed for the better. Between him and my fur-babbies, I am the happiest I have ever been.

In other news, I have been on Gaia for like ten(?) years. Though, I was inactive and on a hiatus for like four of them. Needless to say, I know my way around. I am here on Gaia at least once a day so I guess you could say that I am fairly active. What keeps me so active?

Roleplaying. I love my roleplays. I am currently available for a roleplay. If you're looking for people send a message my way!

As far as roleplaying goes, I would join more, but my "advance literate" status prevents me from having more time to post. Besides, after work there isn't a whole lot of time left! Maybe if I could find a semi-lit roleplay that strikes my interest I might join another. Again, If you think that your roleplay or a roleplay that you are in would interest me, shoot me a PM.

I am a pretty friendly person so go ahead and drop me a PM. I promise that it will make my day. I love Love LOVE random PMs. <3

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