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your plushie

mark doesn't wear pants
he also bullies me
& twins me bc i'm qt>>
x x

s/o to laurel for being a bae & being cute

hi anna i luv u n stuff
heart emojis 4 u

can i just say how much
im thankful, grateful
and happy to have
vincent nguyen as my friend

iven has been
very very kind to me
in my very vulnerable &
miserable states




October 08, 2014
hi vinny i got first blood on you in a 1v1. ehuehue, get rekt by ashe & cait.

October 11, 2014
Happy early birthday you goon ♥
shingeki no vincent tho

[aw] [babies][/url]

April 18th, 2015
[5:57] bhann: f** me in alex

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your plushie
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your squishy
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omg. hai rachieekairi.
~ilu. muwahahahaha, max was here. 06/30/10
yu dnt like sora anymore? i'll be ventus then(;
mkthxbai. (liek teh avi? i made it) c:

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