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Simple Note

This will be quite short as I tend to speak more about myself when I talk with someone on personal basis. My name is Christopher. I'm Polish and I live in Poland. I'm 21. I rarely have dreams, I mostly have plans which I tend to fulfill (or at least try). I'm not very active here nowadays, I used to be a Gaia addict back in the days, but now I have so much stuff to do in real life I don't even feel like logging in sometimes. I study and work and give private English lessons. My weekly routine is so strict right now I sometimes feel as if I were a machine, but I guess that's the price of growing up.

Things I still like to do here:
- talk to my friends.
- post in forums.
- play fishing.

PM/Comment me? I like to talk, I might not be the fastest to reply sometimes (because of irl stuff), but I surely WILL.


Background picture info - I am in no possession of the rights to the photograph. Moreover, I do not know who took it. If you are the author - please contact me to be credited.

Night music.