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Venture forth if you dare journal

hello friend or random visitor. As you can see this is my journal, usually I would just post up art I just randomly s**t out my a** :lol: or probably post about my first world problems but that would be rare. so yeah just enjoy :)



by: Hug Dealer
Oh, your loveable disease
Why are you so hard to please?
Maybe it's that face of yours
or the fact that you sneeze?
I cannot think of a time
when you are not on my mind
when I see you whore around the chatterbox
you make me want to call 911
cause you're causing a scene
oh, your loveable disease
spare me, oh great one
spare me, please

Your lovable disease
id like to get to know you please
we can dine
wine and cheese

by: Doomboo
Your lovable disease
You tease me when you sneeze
You always aim to please
And everyone agrees.
I took 3 pees
They were yellow like bees
Bees don't have knees,
But that's what you would be's.

by: System32Folder

im going to make it so deep
so you cant even notice that creep
going to touch ur butt cheeks
and u cant screech

All you need to know:
1)I draw
2)I like to read horror mangas
3)I hate false-kindness
you'll probably see me whore around the chatterbox