Hello. It seems you have stumbled upon my profile while browsing forums, or perhaps you decided to search me. Anyway, welcome to my profile c:
I usually don't know what to put in these things ; w ;

To start off, I like to think of myself as a small-town girl even though I live in a big city. I don't know why, but personally that's where I'd rather be. I'm the type of girl that likes surreal things. I always like quiet places, even though some are quite creepy like an abandoned library. My dream place is one of those grass fields that you can just lay back and watch the clouds, let time pass on. It'd be the ideal place to just escape reality. Too bad there's none here. Forever QQ. I'm obviously Asian. The people that ask me "Are you really Asian?" make me want to flip a table. I'm Chinese and Korean mixed, but I only speak broken Cantonese. It'd be a dream if i can speak Korean fluently.

For my personality, I really can't say much. I'm not a social butterfly in real life, nor online. If someone tries to make conversation with me, I just feel like an awkward turtle hiding in its shell. I usually never start a conversation. When I do, I look for people with the same interest. I'm not a fan of those outgoing social butterflies either. I tend to think they're loud and annoying. I have a soft heart, and I get hurt easily. I look for friends that can understand that, and not say "Well not everything is about you" when I always get upset. I tend to put my friends before anyone else, including myself. Also, I think I'm good at listening and giving advice, even though I might not have gone through that certain situation, I wear the others' shoes. I'm quite mature for my age too.

Uhmmmmmm num num num. I do that when I think. I'm a full time student, but all I really do is daydream in class. I'm a very picky eater. I usually only eat Asian food, and I think Japanese food is the boss of Asian foods. I'm a very artistic person, but I don't think I have the talent to be a professional. What really interests me are the undiscovered talents on Deviant Art. When I have free time, I usually browse Deviant Art, and a part of me just feels sad to see how many undeserving people are famous, while the hard workers that love what they do on Deviant Art aren't even heard of by 1/20th of the world. I sometimes pity man-kind. For music, I can simply NOT live without it. There are no bad genres, just bad songs. It gets me mad when people hate a genre when they've never given it a chance. My favorite genre is KPOP, but I am not a fangirl. It also gets me mad when girls only like one genre because "the boys are handsome" or when people love one genre just because 1 group. I might not know as much about KPOP as others do, but I do listen to varied groups of them, and think most songs in the genre are heart melting.

What I dislike:
- Judgmental people
- Ignorance and Arrogance
- Gluttony
- Selfish
- Cruelness

I can't say I hate prejudice, because I am prejudice myself, in certain things. I people without the qualities listed up there, are better than the people that do have them. I can't stand rude people, because I'm one of those little innocent girls that want to believe that the world is good.

What I'm usually doing on Gaia is Fishing [most of the time] or farming gold in ZOMG. You can find me there, and say hi if you've read my profile. I Fish on Gaia because it's relaxing, even though I do occasionally compete for trophies. The Fishing community is amazing. I love the people. When they compete for trophies, they're determined. They don't give that goal up. The only Fishing trophy I got was from November 2011, 6th place in Bass'ken. I hope I can learn and do better. ;c

Anyway, I know you guys are probably tired of reading my profile, and I'm quite tired from typing. So feel free to add me or comment on my profile. My friends say that I'm amazing once you get to know me c': <3


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No worries, Emerald was awesome anyway.
lg/fr was pretty good too, but from there on it didn't exactly get better, apart from ss/hg.
Beautiful Dahlia

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Beautiful Dahlia

Beautiful Dahlia

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Beautiful Dahlia

well hey there bootiful :3 long time no talk<3

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Haha, gba games were slow :pp I guess if you're used to pokemon w/b and w2/b2 then it seems really slow o:
Some dude gave me a dratini so I'm trying to train it xD

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You play it!? XD
I haven't found anyone who plays it that's on gaia yet ;c
But I'm sooo obsessed with it right now! c':

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Hi, Asian!
Are you feeling alright?
your plushie

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your plushie

your plushie

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your plushie

i remember you heart
Bae BIade

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Bae BIade

Hiya c:


emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif I R HIATUS. THXBAI.