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Name: Yorugami Ahou
Inclination: Yaoi

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Sir Dark Hat Report | 10/08/2017 11:02 am
Sir Dark Hat
Of course you can. Leg mod is Haute Modena.
Kenr1n Report | 10/07/2017 4:28 pm
Where did you obtain that drab headband from?
Ven Loki Report | 09/28/2017 9:45 pm
Ven Loki
Hey! It's a Prince of the Dragonflight recolour! (:
Yumeiir Report | 09/28/2017 7:02 am
You just need to knock off all the dust and grease up. I'm sure once your limbs are back in motion they'll get back up to speed...

I also almost made a Newton's First Law joke right there so obviously I'm terribly skewed towards nerdy humor right now. D:>
Thank goodness I managed to redirect myself before it was too late. I saved you from a terrible terrible fate.
User Image
TheJesterGuy Report | 07/25/2017 10:28 pm
Right ? lol
It was based on SEGA's "NiGHTS" games. A "sexy" version of it at least, hahaha. lol

But yeah, I'm thinking on working in my avis based on these games.
Yumeiir Report | 07/25/2017 10:06 pm
Draw a line.That's progress right? A line you didn't have before?
Yumeiir Report | 07/25/2017 10:01 pm
Procrastination levels to maxxxxx. ;D
Time to binge on procrastination again.
TheJesterGuy Report | 07/25/2017 9:57 pm
That's why I'm sticking with this avi and doing some changes here and there. My nick is "TheJesterGuy" for a reason, hehe. wink
Yumeiir Report | 07/25/2017 9:49 pm
Urf, rip. irl sucks sometimes, but we gotta face ittt.
Glad to know you've gotten some time to spend on gaia again tho.
TheJesterGuy Report | 07/25/2017 9:46 pm
Yeah. I'm trying to conciliate Gaia with this + doing my drawing exercises, and it's not an easy task. sweatdrop

And of course, I'll give priority to my IRL as much as possible. However I also need to catch up with Gaia's crazy economy and then I'm like: confused


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