Hello and welcome to my profile!

I'm from Canada, so if I spell, let's say 'color' with a 'u' in it, making it 'colour', I'm still spelling it right.

Oh, and my Angel Imp's name is Steve, and she loves the name.
My elephant plushie is named Ralph. He also loves the name xDD
That drained body I'm lugging around? His name is Lucifer...He just doesn't know that yet

I will also use things like Candian currency in role-plays, which is basically the only reason I made this account.

Oh, and by the ways, I'm a gurl~ I just like male avatars >:3

I am a proud bi-sexual, so I am open to yaoi or hetero or yuri roleplays. None of that freaks me out any xD

I do random donations!! Comment, and I may donate smilies/icon_wink.gif
Total Gold Donated: 398.9k =O
Random Donations so far:
Evil-Cupcakes-Go-Moo: 1k
`A u r o r a: 1k
No_more_pain: 1.5k
iArticFoxy: 1k
Cannibalistic Pants: 1k and Black Ink
Silent_Dreams001: 1.5k
Zinq: 1.5k
Insanity and Flowers: 3.5k
Mya Amagi: 2k
Madame Maggot: 1k
-x R e d d: 2k
Cracked Sincerity: 1.5k
Tocadisco: 2k
Z e e Z e e __x: 2k
Nasal Sex: 3k
Cyclooctatetraene: 5k
Mirri Is Cuddly: 10k
P l N E A P P L E S: 5k
x Cloudo x: 10k
Neospud: 10k
Selras-Chan: 3k
Acid_Death_Rain: 10k
a good other: 75k
the royal seven: 10k
kiami28: 4k worth of items
The Chatterbox Freakzor : 2 White Inks, 4 Red Inks, 5 Blue Inks
xXxSoul_TakerxXx: 5038 Tokens
Pagan Lullaby: 80k
Color Me Fubar: 165k

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Thanks dude!

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Thank you!!

Artwork by Mya Amagi
Thankies!!! :3

Artwork by anarah
So cute! x3

Artwork by Lady Lilith Mistfang
I love it! Thank you!


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Brooklyn Hyuuga

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Brooklyn Hyuuga

Hey cat_smile
a good other

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a good other

Happy birthday Yoro!!! blaugh
Lady Lilith Mistfang

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Lady Lilith Mistfang

Happy birthday! biggrin

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Cute Ciel avvie!!! whee

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thnx for buyin'
Brooklyn Hyuuga

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Brooklyn Hyuuga

<3 <3 <3
Brooklyn Hyuuga

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Brooklyn Hyuuga

Happy Birthday!!!
a good other

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a good other

Happy Birthday Yoro! I'm saying it early so I don't miss it. blaugh
- sea salt cloud -

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- sea salt cloud -

u like kingdom hearts too and fma xd