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21 - Agoraphobe - Birthday on Halloween - Floridian - '05er - zETA - Roleplayer - Artwhore

Level 12 zOMG DPSer/Bubu.
Level 10 Alchemist.

You'll generally find me lurking in the GCD, zOMG Forum, or Art Freebies when I have time to draw.

I tend to vanish randomly because of health problems, so if I'm not around for a few weeks, I'm probably sick.

I usually don't talk much unless spoken to first, sorry in advance if it seems like I'm ignoring you.

I'm always on skype when online, which'll be the best place to get in touch with me if you ever want to chat.
PM me for my name on there.

I have a lot of snakes and other reptiles. Ask me about my scaley babies and I will tell you lots about my scaley babies okay. smilies/icon_heart.gif

Other than that, I like bugs, SCIENCE, Marvel, my PS3, body mods and Germanic Pagan mythologies.

Slowly working on Backwings, any help is greatly appreciated.

Crafted Barachiel's Wings 8th of January, 2014
Reached Level 10 in Alchemy on April 06, 2014

Hit 200k TCL on zOMG 24th of Feb, '13

Yggdrasil Root