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Previously Blitz Jax.
(You'll find a mule of mine with that name now.)

21 - Agoraphobe - Birthday on Halloween - Floridian - '05er - zETA - Roleplayer - Artwhore - Alchemist

I don't talk much unless spoken to first, sorry in advance if it seems like I'm ignoring you.

Expect all the gay.

I'm always on skype when I'm online, which'll be the best place to get in touch with me if you ever want to chat. PM me for my name on there.

Generally found on zOMG nowadays when I'm on here or lurking the forums but usually never posting unless I'm going after achivements/art/alchemy s**t. I like dressing my avi up in Lady Loki's image or other Norse-themed outfits that tie into my username in some way. Recently, I pop up in the Art Freebs to try my hand at giving out shitart to people that inspire me, but I'm very picky and lazy.

I have a lot of snakes and other reptiles. Ask me about my scaley babies and I will tell you lots about my scaley babies okay. smilies/icon_heart.gif
Also, I have two big fat guinea pigs (Hoss ♂ and Mocha ♀) and a little albino female Hedgehog named Q-Tip.

Slowly working on Backwings, any help is greatly appreciated. smilies/icon_heart.gif

Crafted Barachiel's Wings 8th of January, 2014
Reached Level 10 in Alchemy on April 06, 2014

I like bugs, reptiles, rodents, making OC's, Mythology, Marvel, creepythings, space and aliens, piercings/tattoos (which I have a few of and have more planned), hunting, comfy jackets, squealing over fictional characters that give me all the feelings, fire, tumblr, and curling up in fluffy blankets while ignoring everything with my boyfriend.

I plan on making a career closely tied to some of those interests, which started with a Welding class, and will now move on to Entomology and a big spoonful of Philosophy and other sciences/mythologies.
Currently I'm apprenticing in tattooing and learning all about that stuff.

Okay I ran out of s**t to say, bye now. Goodbye friend byyyye. smilies/icon_heart.gif emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif

Hit 200k TCL on zOMG 24th of Feb, '13

Yggdrasil Root