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I don't come on here much anymore because I don't have my own working computer. That might change soon as I have a job, but I'm still very busy off the 'net with jobs, volunteering, my husky, and my S.O.

Any current time I have on here is on a tablet, and it's very hard to navigate/type, so I try to avoid doing much other than watching netflix on it. <_<

I miss all my friends on here a lot, and hope to be able to come on more in the future, even if Gaia no longer holds my interest with zOMG. (******** you very much for taking that away, devs.)

Crafted Barachiel's Wings 8th of January, 2014
Reached Level 10 in Alchemy on April 06, 2014

Hit 200k TCL on zOMG 24th of Feb, '13

Yggdrasil Root