Howdy! Im YetiBear, but you can just call Me Yeti. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif
Im way old, so run little ones!!
If Iv come off as rude or mean in the forums, I apologize. Its all said and done in fun and Im only trying to be funny. Never mean or mad.
Lets see, I enjoy, reading, games, art, cartoons, comic books, I karioky, I drink more often than I should, smoke too much and am kinda chubby.
Im a slow typer, and suck at computers. So that explains why I mostly just post pics cuz I was somehow able to figure out how to copy and paste.
ummmm. . . yep.

gingerroots Wrote:
YetiBear, YetiBear, what have you there?
Something so great, nothing compares.
YetiBear, YetiBear, What have you done?
Something so caring, you're loved by everyone.
YetiBear, YetiBear, what can I say?
Something so pleasing to make your day.
YetiBear, YetiBear, What can you hear?
Something I softly whisper in your ear.
YetiBear, YetiBear, Can I ask you one thing?
When oh when will you buy me a ring? smilies/icon_wink.gif

Nikki Von Nekro Wrote:

      Yetibear, my dear, sweet friend
      you've a picture for everything
      I'm sure your supply does not end.
      But indeed I have to wonder
      what part is yeti and what part is bear
      I mean, you could show me
      just take me back to your lair
      I won't tell anyone, I swear.


im-an-owl Wrote:

Inside a frozen tundra lair
lives a family of yeti and bear
Beyond the hate bred through desire
Lives a love that's hot as fire
The love that's pure as the snow
undisturbed by polluting show
The Family lives in harmony
just like the forest and it's trees
The beauty of it all, can only be conceived
amongst your most perfect dreams



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Thank you for the present 4laugh
Beer Farts

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Beer Farts

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Beer Farts

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Beer Farts

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Beer Farts

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Beer Farts

Your butt-buddy Rudolph thinks otherwise, jabroni.
Beer Farts

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Beer Farts

Your profile sucks, ******** b*****d.

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I can see that. I haven't eaten subway in years because my parents had like six locations and I ate it all the time. gonk

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Oh my godddd. emotion_drool
I normally have trouble gaining weight but I feel like if I worked there, I'd get really fat and fired.

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Thanks! It only took me four years to get around do it. :B Huhu.
Oh god. Waffles sound so good right now. I'm jealous. The last time I worked a food job, I would ******** up cookies all the time so I could eat them later. emotion_drool

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Despite their being frozen, I would probably try and snack at work. Is that bad? xD
I'm okay though! I'm starting college finally in January, so that's exciting. Finally got around to it~

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Welp! That's okay, 'cause obviously we made friends and we should continue! emotion_bigheart
How have you been, anyway? It's at least been... a year and a half to two years? LOL.


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