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xxdreamingforeverxx on 09/21/2014
RynDraik on 09/18/2014
I Kairi-Kouhai I on 09/16/2014

Steff. Fifteen. Asian
I like random PMs and comments ♥
I like music, art and photography and eating ; w ;
and I love surprises c:

k bai. talk to meh plez (╯3╰)

Hai. You don't have to read this, I just wanna say something about myself ok. I like nature so much and I enjoy travelling. I love learning new languages. I believe that unicorns, and other rare creatures exist. I love cats. I really, really love rain. I'm addicted to the smell of anything new. I like drawing. I enjoy taking pictures and videos. Loves playing musical instruments. I listen to any genre of music except rock and metal. I like looking at the stars. I love red. I really hate people who smoke. I don't like high places. I hate talking about ghosts and stuffs like that. I love my friends a lot. I don't like being alone.

I laugh too easily. I like hugs. I enjoy listening to people's stories. I'm like a psychic but not really. I am weird and lastly, I'm a potato.

this is not me

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arts from them <3