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I don't really remember how I got into the subject myself (was surfing the net like usual). It is thanks to Rosel-D and tdarnell that I got really interested in space. Here is a list of youtube videos I found to be very fascinating:

1. If Planets were Earth's Moon
Renamed it since actual title is really long. Name is self explanatory. This is merely comparing the sizes of the planets.
2. Star Size Comparison
Our sun vs other stars. Video is somewhat outdated since the largest star observed so far is NML Cygni.
3. The Hubble Deep Field
Title is cut short, the rest is "The Most Important Image Ever Taken". Mind blowing video (at least to me). Big numbers. Very big numbers.
4. A Journey into a Black Hole
Very creepy theory/thought to think about.
5. Life in the Universe
Part 2, "Where is Everybody?". Theories about habitable planets and civilizations in other parts of the universe.


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Gaian Days.

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Ah! That's Deemo!!!

Who'd have thunk it, someone else here likes Deemo.

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wow!!! i really like ur outfits in the outfit shop(just purchased one of them)!!
also i just wanted to say i love ur ava its super created and i love the monochrome theme emotion_bigheart
The Iron Magus

Report | 12/17/2016 8:18 am

The Iron Magus

It's just when I first saw it, all I could see was a terrifying huge-headed santa mowing down some hapless bystander on his sleigh.
The Iron Magus

Report | 12/17/2016 7:42 am

The Iron Magus

Your avatar is ******** terrifying. 0_0
Misfortuned Checkmate

Report | 12/15/2016 10:56 am

Misfortuned Checkmate

Random person stopping by but...

OMG, your UNKNOWN/Saeran cosplay is amazing ~ ! User Image

Report | 12/13/2016 3:25 pm


There's a couple moments in the game where Unknown breaks into the apartment. 8D

Report | 12/13/2016 3:19 pm


I made a few modifications to my cosplay. I'm so happy! My second husband will be proud. 8D

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People like you are an eyesore.
Lady RenStar

Report | 09/30/2016 4:21 pm

Lady RenStar


I'm curious..
I came across this adorable little guy and I was wonder if he was yours?
User Image


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Yeah, these things happen! Where do you work? Oh and congrats on the new RIG!


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