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Gender: Male

Location: Ruins of Thorgon, Aphrebis, Malendra Sphere, Ratha

Occupation: Exiled King


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I am Yashha (yah-sh-hah), an ancient and once very powerful Ilisor.
Many centuries ago, I was voted by the majority to become the next ruler over the land of Aphrebis. However, the title was one that had been claimed by the Sernagan for many generations and the change was not appreciated by all. They did not want the land ruled by a creature such as I. And yet, there were many who supported this. My most treasured friend was a Sernagan himself.
Before I could take the place as leader, a great war broke out throughout the land.
This started when I returned one day to find my entire pack including women and children slain. One by one, all packs in my area were taken down. No mercy was awarded. Upon seeing this sight, a fierce rage grew within me and I lost all composure.
This attack had come from the then most powerful city in all of Aphrebis; Thorgon. Naturally, others shortly followed suit.
The war came swiftly and was brutal. Many innocents died on both sides and yet my rage only grew greater. The war would not give way. There was no end in sight.
In order to protect me and calm my pained soul, my dear friend fought me with his own hands. He broke a single tooth of mine and trapped both my body and soul within it for many, many years. Upon absorbing me, the fang reflected my own soul in a black obsidian.
With my disappearance, shortly named defeat, the war ended at last. However, this was a very sad end. The city of Thorgon who led the initial attack now lay in ruins, never to rise again. It is now known as "The Ruins of Thorgon" or "The Cursed City". No one goes near this cursed land in fear of its past and effect. It is now common knowledge that there were dark dealings going on within.
My friend, seeking a safe place for my sleeping soul, hid it within the very centre of Thorgon. My power and fury emanated throughout the ruins in heat and tremor for a long time until I calmed.
Finally, after so, so long, the fang returned to white and I awakened, free of my past burdens. However, much had changed in my time of slumber. Even my friend no longer existed.
After the war, the souls of all who died in wake of it, in their sorrow combined to create a golden crown. "The Crown of Souls" decides for itself the next leader of Aphrebis. There will never again be a war over leadership. I wonder if my friend's soul is within it too....?






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