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    Hello there, Yama here! I am Cisgender Female. I am 25 years old. I am omnisexual. I am taken. Love having friends. I prefer quality over quantity in friends. I live in good ole Georgia. My personality is INFP. I have been a member on GaiaOnline since 2006. Team Durem smilies/icon_heart.gif. The only thing I like to read is manga and stories about the mafia. I like watching anime. Right now, I am obsessed with Tokyo Ghoul and Sailor Moon! I listen to all genre depending on my mood. Forever a fan of t.A.T.u and Olivia Lufkin.emotion_smilies/icon_0A0.png Current Obsession: Evergrey, ASAP FERG and POPCAAN. I don't play video games like I used to. The only two series I have ever liked are Halo and Tekken. I am a person who can get along with some people. If you have the same interest as me, we can be the best of friends ever. xD I would like more friends to talk to. I have always had anxiety. I just recently found out I have depression and OCD. Whenever I am in that state, I won't responding if you see me online.

    Top 5 Artists:

    1. ASAP FERG
    2. KEITH APE
    4. BRYAN CHA$E
    5. OKAISAN

    Top 5 Anime Crush:

    1. Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)
    2. Hiruma Youichi (Eyeshield 21)
    3. Kaoru Kaidoh (The Prince of Tennis)
    4. Toa Tokuchi (One Outs)
    5. Ichimaru Gin (Bleach)

    Top 5 Fav Animes:

    1. Clannad Series
    2. Tokyo Ghoul
    3. The Gokusen
    4. Sailor Moon
    5. One Outs

    Top 5 IRL Crushes:

    1. CL from 2NE1
    2. T.O.P. from BIG BANG
    3. Haruma Miura
    4. Gackt-sama
    5. Takayoshi Ohmura

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