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My name is Oliver. Call me Olly.
I'm eighteen years old and an artist- my talents vary from clay to pencil, paint and digital media.

I'm a very grumpy, disagreeable person who can come off as aggressive and hateful, and this behavior is most likely a result of long-term online and offline bullying. It's basically an ongoing defense mechanism. Apparently, once I've been befriended, I'm a very good person to have around. I'm just. Idk. Like an abused animal. I'm always on guard. I'll need to earn your trust.

I love music and am a very visual person- I tend to visualize everything vividly. I can associate sensations, sounds and smells with colors and I can associate almost every sound with a texture. I like atmospheric instrumentals, classical instrumentals, '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s music, and a relatively modern selection ( '90s to present day. )

I dislike country and most rap/r&b. I'm very selective.

I'm a writer- I like to roleplay original characters as well as simply writing things like poetry and short stories with no true characters in it.

I ADORE retro/old school stuff. Music, clothes, art, etc. Old pepsi and coca cola adverts? Love it. Simple gingham dresses with white lace? Adore it.

I have a passion for reptiles. I may never own reptiles due to the expenses that come with properly homing and caring for them, but I do simply love them. Crocodiles, skinks, iguanas, boas, vipers, turtles, tortoises, etc. The whole lot.
I also love deer and cervid-type creatures.

Uhmm but yeah enough about me. I'm a big ol' gay. Ignore me. Bye!!!!!

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