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tumblr[nsfw] | dA

1. im argumentative
2. im cranky
3. im sensitive

reason: years and years of psychological abuse online and in real life. i've been bullied relentlessly for literally no reason and therefor have developed an incredibly paranoid, defensive exterior. i do consider myself a victim of abuse ( though the other reasons are ones i'd really rather not go into ) and because of that, i request that you keep it in mind when speaking to me. i have behavioral issues and am mentally ill and while i know it sounds like i'm making excuses, they are valid excuses that explain the way i act.

this however does not give you a right to discount my feelings and thoughts. while i'm very troubled, i'm also quite coherent and able minded in many aspects and can pick up on molly coddling and disregard of one's feelings.

long story short: even if i don't seem to be respecting you, please respect me. don't be a d**k like i am. be the better person.


tumblr | dA
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