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Gender: Male

Location: Grand Haven, MI

Birthday: 08/27/1990

Occupation: Game Developer


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I am open to making friends. So don't be afraid to PM or add me. Just don't suddenly think I will give you gold. I will donate to those who have earned it.

I also would like people who will value the friendship they may make with me. I don't want to be another person that fills up a slot on your friends list.

Name: Alexander Chang
Age: 23
Occupation: Video Game Programmer at School Zone Publishing
Height: 6 ft 2
Nickname: Hailfire | Psych | Alex
Hobbies: Programming Video Games, Playing Video Games, Paintball, Dungeons and Dragons (Pen and Paper), Board Games, and Writing

Quick Description: I'm Honest, Blunt, and not afraid to speak my Mind. Talk to me to learn more about me, or just seek a friend. Random PMs, and random friends requests are fine.

About Me:
+ I am an Orphan (Parents died when I was 9). So I can have fits of depression.
+ Never tell me to not worry. If you are my friend, I worry about you, to the bitter end.
+ I can be stupid, and accept it. No one is perfect. After all I am human.
+ I am Chinese, Cuban, and Peruvian.
+ I love the cold.
+ I have donated over 1 billion gold in items and gold in my entire gaian lifetime. No, that doesn't mean beg.
+ Ask me any question, and I'll answer honestly. If you want to do so, PM me or add me on Skype.

Want to talk to me anytime? Add me on any of these:
Skype: Hailfire2000
Steam: Hailfire2000

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|~(Hailfire Fenris)~|