I suppose I've kept my profile basic enough. Perhaps I should actually attempt to describe myself a little bit. I'm Yama. You can call me what you want, since I'll answer to pretty much anything. I've been a part of the Gaia community since about 2006. Pretty long compared to most sites I've tried out. The only problem is my inability to find a role play group that is consistent. I'm a huge fan of music and often use it as a muse for my art. Writing is something I try to do, but I lack the ability to formulate a proper story for long periods of time. Usually this ends up with one or two chapters for a book I had been planning. My goal is to try doing a comic version of the story. Perhaps then I'll get a bit further, right? Anyhow, I hope I've not bored you with all this typing. If you're interested in contacting me, then just copy/paste my name:
Yamanekomata Hyouyuu
And as they say, DFTBA!
Yamanekomata Hyouyuu
Debonaire Devil
Timber Rook
Paladin Lilith Pendragon