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Eh? O__O;
What's there to tell? I don't think I can describe such a complex creature as myself in a couple of words XD

I Have Found the need to add a 'Gifts' Section since I have such awesome friends who are super generous! heart

Cie Corpse- Hidden Ace 12th Gen
Quirmi- Anesidora's Woe 2nd Gen


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Well I am still using Xanga.(somewhat) So don't expect too much of me~ lol


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UnforseenLove Report | 04/09/2016 10:10 pm
thanks for buying ^^
Monarch Oberon Report | 07/11/2013 8:08 pm
OMG! Vending IS hard but im addicted! gonk I cant stop my fingers from taking over the keyboard >_< Oh my, i want to go to Japan one day! heart How was it?
Monarch Oberon Report | 07/08/2013 11:02 pm
Aww thanks xD OMG I know! I dont really zOMG anymore, i mostly vend on the mp xD I am addicted sweatdrop OMG you have been traveling?! Lucky you! gonk Nothing much has changed with me, just working and working emo
Monarch Oberon Report | 07/08/2013 9:50 pm
OMG! You're online! Long no see or talk! How are you?
Dersa Aenstar Report | 02/28/2013 12:22 pm
By chance do you remember the girl who made the art in my signature? I know it's been a while since we even last talked, but someone asked me who did the art! I'm so embarrassed I forgot! redface
zayalna Report | 01/19/2013 5:44 am
ur page so blaugh blaugh blaugh blaugh blaugh blaugh
I 0 0 4 Report | 12/23/2012 10:16 am
D'awwwww. Thank you, chica~ emotion_bigheart

Geez, my Spanish boyfriend is getting to me.
Full-Set Syndrome Report | 12/12/2012 11:21 pm
oh sweet lord, your kitty sig! -dies-
I 0 0 4 Report | 11/12/2012 6:38 pm
It really wasnt much. n_n I bought it and never used it so I was, like, Eh. Then I saw the bootiful you and stalked looked at your wish list and was, like, Ey! She wants it, I have it. Whee. w
I miss that too! School is such a drag. .___. No me gusta. But! I have a boyfriend so its bearable. Kinda. Not really. [/bangs head on a table] I HATE BEING A JUNIOR! SATs CAN KISS MY BUTT FOR ALL I CARE!
iiLuLu Report | 11/05/2012 2:57 am
I just wanted to say that you have the loveliest avi ~


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